4/9 The Feast of Tabernacles (The Point)

IN A NUTSHELL:  Jesus promised the woman at the well living water which would quench her thirst in such a way that she would never thirst again. Now, makes an even bolder statement at the feast of tabernacles. Along with the ceremonial water libation, Christ declares to them (and to us) that He is the water of life and the only one who can satisfy.



  1. Why do many of the people think that Jesus is probably not the Messiah? (v. 27)

  2. What is Jesus’ response? What do they not understand about Him? (V. 28)

  3. According to verses 30 & 44, they were unable to lay a hand on Jesus. Why?

  4. Why were the guards were also unable to seize Jesus when they were told to arrest Him? (V. 31, 45-56)

  5. What does Jesus promise to those who come to Him? What does He mean by it?

  6. V. 38: Does the river (streams) of living water flow from God or man or both? What do you think this verse means?



  1. What evidence or experience convinces you that Jesus really was sent from God?

  2. Why do some people hear Christ’s message and reject it, while others hear the same message, believe and are faithful?

  3. What is Jesus’ invitation in verses 37-39, and how does it speak to you today?

  4. How do we “drink” what Jesus is offering?

  5. How are these verses foundational to real faith(fulness) and growth of the kingdom?


Bulletin Blanks: 

1. God is ALWAYS in CONTROL.

2. Are you  REALLY THIRSTY for Christ?

3. What does it mean for us to DRINK CHRIST IN?

4. We DRINK the Living Water when we IDENTIFY with Christ in BAPTISM, and His SPIRIT quenches our soul’s thirst.

5. It’s not about us being HAPPY… it’s about the KINGDOM being BUILT.