4/16 “Nicodemus & the Cross”

TEXT:  John 3; 7:50-52; 19:39,

IN A NUTSHELL:  Several weeks ago we met Nicodemus coming to Jesus at night, out of sight of his fellow Pharisees. He appeared to be trying to figure out who Jesus was and why he was saying and doing the things that he was.  Today we see Nicodemus slow but progressive decision to come out of the closet with his faith.  It was clearly a process. In Jn. 7:50 we see Nicodemus thinking for himself, low drama, high logic. By John 19:39 Nicodemus is overwhelmed with the reality of who Jesus is, what his closed minded friends had done and how Jesus suffered and died. It seems Nicodemus lost interest in his old way of life and became overwhelmed with the strength to live out a “Born Again” life. Nicodemus' values, mind and heart were changed by the Gospel!  It is an accurate view of Jesus' cross and our sin that finally enables us to come to a saving faith in Christ!


  1. A significant fact about John's writing is that he often uses the common "double meaning" as a play on words to teach truths.  (See below "A Very Punny Gospel") How is that significant when Jesus says we must be born (again/from above)?  (Jn. 3:1-21)
  2. Calling someone a "Galilean" was viewed as an insult, insinuating they were gullible, uneducated.   Was that Nicodemus' problem? (Jn. 7:50-52)
  3. What do you imagine Nicodemus' colleagues were doing while he was preparing Jesus' body for burial?


  1.  Have you had any things that have "amazed" you about Jesus but didn't convince you to give your life to Him?  What do you like about his teachings? What makes you hesitant? 
  2. Do you ever wonder why Jesus, his name, his teachings are so divisive? 
  3. What about Jesus' life, his teachings, his ministry has made you decide he is worth sacrificing everything else to follow Him?

Bulletin Blanks: 

1. Powerful "life-questions" may introduce you to Jesus.

2. Serious "life-injustices" may draw you closer to Jesus.

3. Profound "life-suffering" can force you to change your loyalties.

4. The resurrection is the evidence that everything said about the cross is true!