9/25 "My Feet Almost Stumbled"


THIS WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS    September 19 - 25  Psalm 55-56

NEXT WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS    Sept. 26- Oct. 2, Acts 17

IN A NUTSHELL: it's easy to loose our bearings in life. The bad seems to get away with everything and the good never seem to get ahead. BUT when we look at life with "eternal eyes" the mind rests, the heart finds peace and the next generation has a chance to excel!  Ps. Many young people("the next generation") has been betrayed because their parents didn't speak with an eternal focus!

TEXT – Psalm 73John 1:9-13


  1. How does the Psalmist describe the wicked? 

  2. When does the Psalmist say he began to understand life?

  3. How had the Psalmist almost betrayed the next generation?

  4. How does the Psalmist describe himself when he was "embittered" toward God?

  5. How does the Psalmist resolve his spiritual crisis of doubt?

  6. What does it mean today to "go into the sanctuary of God"? John 1:9-13



  1. Is there anyone that you have had a tendency to envy?

  2. How do you speak to your children with an eternal focus?

  3. When is the last time you came to church and you sensed an awareness of doom for the wicked and hope for the faithful?

  4. How might this Psalm help you process the negatives of this life and the hope for the future?

  5. The Psalmists wrote you songs...what enables you to sing those songs, to make them your own? 


Sermon Objectives: for the worshipper to understand how "entering God's sanctuary"  affects our way of thinking, worshipping, living and truly enables us to "sing the songs" they have written for us.


Sermon Outcomes: That more worshippers will decide to truly "sing the songs" these Psalmists have written for us not just listen to others sing them.  That the generation to follow us will not be "betrayed" but rather equipped to excel spiritually.