9/18 The Church has Left the Building! 3pm at the Moberly Aqua Center

Here’s a list of items for your volunteers to do:

1. Paint fencing and poles at 4H building with white paint. We have paint,

rollers, brushes, paint trays and liners. There is a hose and water for clean

up near by. (Estm’d amount-12- 20 body’s)

2. Trash and limb pick-up at Fox, Beuth, and Tannehill Parks. I’ll provide trash

bags and set out flags for limb and branch disposal/piles to be made at.

(Estm’d amount-15- 20 body’s)

3. Seal coat Shelter #6 up rights/or posts (it is behind Lions Shelter) with

“Flood” sealant. This is a clear coat/waterproofer for CCA treated wood

that has not been painted. (Estm’d amount-1- 2 body’s).

4. Have them rake loose sticks/limbs from disc golf course in the wooded

areas only on the west side of park, behind Rodeo Arena to 4H building.

(Estm’d amount-10- 20 body’s).

5. We have a canoe to use if someone would be willing to pick up trash from

waters edge in Rothwell Lake and Beuth Pond. (Estm’d amount-1- 3 body’s).

6. Have someone(s) with weed eaters to go along walking paths to weed eat

and/or remove brush from pathways from spillway boat drop-off area,

along the water’s edge to disc golf course. We already have cut down many

trees and such along the way. (Estm’d amount-5- 10 body’s).

7. Pick-up limbs and sticks off Holman road back toward Deer Pond. I’ll have

flags out to locate where to make pile of brush to later burn. It will be in a

ditch up and away from wooden area and clear above. (Estm’d amount-10-

20 body’s).

8. Weed eat tall weeds that are ate the back-side loop of the old pool area,

next to Candy Cane, and/or rip-rap area at Candy Cane, and rip-rap area by

Conservation Bathhouse and ADA dock (bath house slightly north of Candy