10/2 Global Outreach- "Measuring Success"



THIS WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS   Sept. 26- Oct. 2, Acts 17

NEXT WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS    October 3-9 ,  1 Thessalonians  1



IN A NUTSHELL: It is so easy to just keep doing what you are used to doing.  But God doesn't win the world that way. The New Testament Church didn't grow that way.  Go where you have never gone before, do what you have never done before.  Measure Global Outreach success by more than baptisms and numbers. Pray for success and s-t-r-e-t-c-h!


TEXT – Acts 17:1-8; 1 Thess. 1; Acts 11:1-3; 19-28;  Rom. 15:20, I Cor. 1:23



  1. What did the Apostles do when they heard the Gentiles were responding to the Gospel?

  2. How did the church of Antioch spread the gospel differently than the Judean church?

  3. What happened when Paul took the gospel to Thessalonica?  How did those in Thessalonica respond?

  4.  How did Paul seek to measure success in his plan to reach out with the gospel?

  5. How did Paul suggest the Jews and the Gentiles would typically respond to the gospel?


  1. Did anyone go out of their way to share the gospel with you?

  2. Do you go out of your way to share the gospel with anyone else?
  3. How would you measure a church or mission as successful? 


Sermon Objectives: 

  • The worshipper should have a more clear understanding of a need for intentionality to “reach out” beyond our normal routine.  

  • The stories in the Scripture texts illustrate man’s tendency to judge success by how many people we know come to believe in what we believe.  That is not God’s measure.  He goes (and takes us with Him) outside our comfort zones to reach people much different than ourselves. 

  • The worshipper will learn a new standard of judging success in our Global Outreach efforts.


Sermon Outcomes: 

  • The worshipper will go to the east foyer and get acquainted with our Global Outreach area. The worshipper will identify how they have tended to G.O. only to people/areas within their comfort zone but then decide to develop a plan to reach out further.  

  • This week, the priority is for the worshipper to commit to engage in this series, to seek out resources that are and will be made available, to begin to pray for success that TLCC (including themselves)  will learn better ways to do “Global Outreach”