2/22 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

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February 22- 28  Bible Readings: 

In a Nutshell:   The next four week's sermon series is in cooperation with the Bible Fellowship class "Christian Principles- What Makes His Kingdom Grow?" It will be a "fly-over" of TLCC's Core Values, Core Beliefs, Spiritual Disciplines and Spiritual Gifts.  We want to celebrate those things that make Timber Lake special! Much of the hopelessness you can sense today comes from a lack of confidence that God is involved in making sure good things will happen.  Along with our loss of a sense of purpose comes the endless busyness and useless distractions that can quickly steal our peace and joy.  At Timber Lake we seek to Love God, Learn the Truth, and Light the World, from these priorities we see His Kingdom grow!

Ice Breaker:  How many parables of Jesus can you name that are related to agriculture?

Title:  “How Does His Kingdom Grow? (1 of 4)”

Text:  Luke 10:27; John 8:31-33 & Acts 17:11; Matthew  5:14-16

Some Questions to Consider:

  1. After reading the above passages of Scripture answer these questions:
  2. How is your desire to "Love God" lived out in your life?
  3. How is your desire to "Learn the Truth" lived out in your life?
  4. How is your desire to "Light the World" lived out in your life?
  5. Judging by the past 5 years; the money you have spent, the activities you have been involved in, what is your purpose in life.
  6. Looking at the next 5 years of your life; if Loving God, Learning the Truth, and Lighting the World were three core values of your life, what would you begin doing this week?

Online Resources:

  • CARE Sheet:CARE Sheet 2-4-15
  • "Longing For God" by Richard Foster & Gayle D. Beebe
  • Setting up a Lent activity Calendar with your family
  • "I often tell people that I read about the life, death and resurrection of Christ in the Bible, but in the garden I experience it." - Christine Sine
  • List of Jesus' parables (how many of them are related to agriculture?)