2/15 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

Feb Series Graphic Brian will be preaching this Sunday, and Jonathan Dunham is leading the music.  Check out the songs he has planned on the TLCC Worship playlist.

February 15-21 Bible Readings: 

In a Nutshell:   Beginning on Ash Wednesday, the 40 days leading up to Easter (not including Sundays) is the season of lent.  Putting aside the "baggage" that may come along with the mention of these dates, we might find that the original intent of this season was very beneficial for a Christian's spiritual walk.  The challenge is to be very intentional throughout this 40-day period, in which true repentance can lead to true celebration.

Ice Breaker:  Have each person in your group share your perception of the season of lent.  Is it positive or negative or neutral, and how did you come to have that perspective?

Title:  "Ash Wednesday: Start Your 40-Day Journey"

Text: Joel 2: 12-14; Hebrews 9:11-17; John 10:27; Matthew 6:16-18

Some Questions to Consider:

  1. What do you know about the history / purpose of Ash Wednesday and the lenten season?
  2. Are there some spiritual disciplines that you might practice to help be more intentional during this season leading up to Easter Sunday?
  3. Jesus gave us an example of taking extended quiet times for fasting and praying.  What ways can we take time out of our busy lives for personal worship and communion with God?

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