1/8 CARE Sheet - "Count on Me!" series 2 of 5; “The Day Jesus Left ‘Church’” Mark 1:9-39

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes Church steeples are more important to people than "THE PEOPLE?"  

© Copyright Phil Williams and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
© Copyright Phil Williams and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
  • What is projected as some of the key reasons that people quit coming to church?
  •  What are described as Eight Characteristics of a Growing Church?
  •  A summary of/Introduction to Mark:

Sermon Texts: Mark 1:9-39

IN A NUTSHELL – Look at how many times Jesus leaves the normal place he would have been expected to go; his home town, Jerusalem, the synagogue, to people calling for him, to heal the sick people, etc.   Where did he go? To Capernaum, (a city with an independent secular reputation) to the seashore because the massive crowds wouldn’t fit in the synagogues, to cities away from masses of people with medical needs.  Jesus wanted to go to the people that hadn’t rehearsed their speeches of what they needed, and wanted.  Jesus tended to leave the places that teamed with people which had an agenda for him to go to a place that fulfilled his agenda: “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


ICE BREAKER – When was the last time you left a church?  Was it because you didn’t like how you were being treated, or more because you couldn’t minister the way God had equipped you to minister?  Avoid falling into “Bride bashing” or gossipy, but think, was it because you weren’t getting what you wanted, or because you couldn’t deliver what God wanted you to deliver?



  1. Do you think Jesus was excited about the “after Baptism” activities the Holy Spirit had for him?   What did you do the day you got baptised?
  2. Do you  think John the Baptist was excited about the “after Jesus’ baptism” activities he experienced? Mk. 1:14; Jn. 1:28 -30; Mt. 11:2,3
  3. What did Jesus say to Simon and Andrew that he would do to them? Mk. 1:17
  4. Do you think the “fishing fathers” were excited about the way Jesus ministry effected them and their business?
  5. Since the Kingdom was about to come, what did Jesus say needed to be done? Mk. 1: 15
  6. Why do you think Jesus told the demons to not speak of who he was? Mk. 1:34
  7. What seemed different about Jesus’ teaching Mk. 1:25-27
  8. Why do you think Jesus got up early and went out to pray?  Does the disciples reaction to him seem strange?  Does his reaction to them seem strange?


  1. Based upon this text of “out of the ordinary” reactions Jesus had, can you imagine something strange that Jesus would do if he came to TLCC this coming Sunday?
  2. How many people in this text can you imagine probably were shocked, initially maybe disappointed with Jesus’ ministry decisions of where to go and what to do?
  3. Why do you think Simon, Andrew, James and John so quickly walked off and left the fishing business to follow Jesus?



  1. Can you spot anything that our church does that is expressly for reaching out to people that are not in our church family?
  2. Can you spot anything YOU can do that would help us reach out to people that are not in our church family?
  3. When you came to church this morning, did you have an agenda of expectations that you felt should have been done for you?  Is there a better frame of mind with which to come to church services?
  4. What does our church do in effort to clarify doctrinal issues that may cause disagreement or confusion for those coming to our church?  Check out:  "About Us" page on our Website; Christian Principles Classes, TLCC Doctrinal Affirmation 9-12-11 which is a form to guide a discussion and Bible study, not a formal doctrinal creed.
  5. When is it time to leave the church?

NEXT WEEK – “1/15 “Counting on People that Count OthersMark 3:13-19 & 6:6-13  - A review of the 12 Apostles. Who were they? Why do you think Jesus chose them individually?