1/15 CARE Sheet - "Count on Me!" series 3 of 5; “Counting on People that Count Others” 3:13-19 & 6:1-13

Sermon Texts: Mark (especially 3:13-19 & 6:1-13) IN A NUTSHELL - If you were Jesus and had established the foundations of a “New Kingdom,” which we read about in the gospel of Mark, what would you do next to assure its success? Would you write a business plan? Would you establish a home base building complex or a global headquarters?   Jesus poured himself into 12 men, especially 3 of them and promised the Holy Spirit to lead them once he was gone.  In short: “He Counted on People that Would Count Others!   The questions for us today is how did he do that? What did he expect? What resulted?    The answers in summary are: He prayed, asked a lot of questions,  gave assignments, corrected mistakes, celebrated victories, lost at least one, and won millions!

ICE BREAKER –Who would you suggest had the most influence in winning you to the Lord?  Who won them?  Or, which one of the Apostles do you relate with the most?   Consider this summary of the 12 made by SO4J: Twelve Disciples of Jesus


  1. If Jesus is one with the Father why did he need to pray before He chose the 12 apostles? (Lk 6:12-16)
  2. What kind of questions did Jesus ask the disciples?
  3. What kind of assignments did Jesus give his disciples?
  4. Did Jesus ever get frustrated with his Disciples? (Mk 8:17-19; Mk 16:14)
  5. What might be a good summary/definition of the discipleship process?
  6. What did Jesus pray for about the disciples?  (Jn 17:9-20 - notice Jesus specifies praying for the disciples only and then for those that would be won by them.)
  7. What did Jesus expect from his disciples? (Mk 8:34)
  8. What did Jesus command his disciples to do?  (Mark 6:1-13; Lk 22:35-37; Mt. 28:19-20)


  1. Think back or ask questions: Who won you to Christ?  Who won them?  Who won them?
  2. What if you won and discipled 10 people to Christ and at least one of them became a church planter that helped to win thousands?
  3.  Which is better to baptize 1,000 or to disciple 10?
  4. Have you ever felt like Jesus has “given you an assignment?”  What was it? and How did it work out? (Mk 6:6-7)
  5. Have you ever felt like Jesus has confronted you “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” (Mk 4:40)
  6. When is the last time (specific circumstance) you felt you were growing in your faith and obedience? (Ac. 4:18-25)


  1. Within what format of “church” activity have you learned more about Jesus?
  2. Assuming that Jesus has “sent us into the world,” what does your world look like (feel like) and how does TLC help you “reach out to those in your world?”

NEXT WEEK – Who Can You Count On?”  Mark 9:30-41 (With the introduction of Jesus dying and raising again Jesus begins to confront common misunderstandings on “Who’s important?” the first are last, children are as important as adults to Jesus, any outsiders are insiders if they know Jesus.