"Stay in the Room and Learn from Each Other."

"Do You Hear What I Hear?"  by Carrie Underwood - A song that presents the progressive power of listening to people telling their perspective of a powerful story.

It's Christmas and the Spirit of Christmas is at work!

I have asked our friends to pray for Kristi's "Christmas Eve Post."  At 6pm yesterday it began traveling the globe at the speed of internet!  I have been so impressed with not only her abilities as a Mom and a Parent Educator, but her manner of navigating into the real world of diverse beliefs and walking away with their respect.   Here is the take away statement made by the host blogger, which is not a Christian: "Let's stay in the room and learn from each other."  That was the response of a Universal Unitarian to Kristi's post as she published the Christmas Eve message.  Watching these 24 bloggers from around the world with followers of up into the several tens of thousands makes me think:  When hearts and minds respect each other whatever is "true" at least has a chance to be heard!  Do you hear what I hear?