TLCC CARE Sheet 4/3/11"TLCC Love, Learn, Light" Colossians 1:1-14 Sermon 1 of 4

ICE BREAKER Why did you start going to Timber Lake Christian Church.  Usually there is something pulling a person to that particular church AND there is often times something pushing them to go.  That which “pulls” is usually something good in the church, that which “pushes” is usually something difficult in your life.

Title: “TLCC – Love, Learn, Light”

Text: Colossians 1:1-14


  1. Where was Paul when he wrote this letter to the Christians at Colosse? Col. 4:10
  2. Why did Paul say he always gave thanks for the Christians in Colosse when he prayed for them? 1:3,4
  3. How is “Faith,” “Hope,” and “Love” interrelated and interdependent in the Christian’s life? 1:5-6
  4. What is the “Gospel?” (see also Romans 1:1-6)
  5. What can we know about Epaphras?  Col. 1:7,8; 4:12
  6. What was Paul constantly praying for on behalf of the Christians at Colosse? Col. 1:9
  7. What was Paul expecting the result of his answered prayers to develop in their lives? Col. 1:10-11


8. Most everyone wants to be qualified for an inheritance, rescued from darkness and to heaven, and to have redemption from and forgiveness for our sins.  But what all is mentioned before these things are a part of the process that seems less popular in the daily grind of maturing as a Christian? (1:9-12)

9.  Who was the “Epaphras” in your life?  (The one that shared the Gospel with you, that was/is a prayer warrior for you, and a servant to others.)

10. How is the order of Wisdom, understanding and knowledge in the Bible and in the "Western" system of education different?  (Karl D. Coke has a theory!)

11.  To whom do you sense God is leading you to be an “Epaphras?”


12. What can TLCC do to assist you to become an Epaphras to someone you know?

13. Which element do you think you need to grow more in your spiritual life – Love the Lord? - Matt. 22:37-38;  Learn the Truth? - John 8:32);  Light the World? - Matt. 5:14,16;  How can this CARE group help you?


Title: “Colossians: Love, Learn, Light!”

Text: Colossians

  1. What verses in Colossians relate to our call and opportunity to LOVE the Lord?
  2. What verses in Colossians relate to our need and opportunity to LEARN the truth?
  3. What verses in Colossians relate to our call and opportunity to LIGHT the world?