TLCC CARE Sheet 4/10/11"Colossians - Love, Learn, Light" Sermon 2 of 4

ICE BREAKER Last week as an ice breaker you were challenged to describe why you started coming to TLCC.  Today you should ponder and describe why you continue to worship at TLCC?  Can the reason be categorized under one of the three statements.  “Love the Lord,” “Learn the Truth,” “Light the World?”

Title: “Colossians – Love, Learn, Light”

Text: Colossians


  1. What was your first impression of the dominant part of a sermon being the reading of an entire book of the Bible?
  2. Which element stands out most impressive from your perspective in Colossians?
    1. The reasons to “LOVE the Lord?” or ways to “LOVE the Lord?”
    2. The reasons to “LEARN the Truth?” or different “Truths to Learn?”
    3. The methods of “LIGHTING  the World?” or the specific challenges to “LIGHT the World?


  1. Consider these summary statements formulated from Colossians ESV Love-Learn-Light outlined under the three priorities:
    1. Love the Lord
    2. Learn the Truth
    3. Light the World
  2. Which summary statement:
    1. Excites you…
    2. Frustrates you…
    3. Disappoints you…
    4. Convicts you…
    5. Challenges you…
  3. Which summary statement do you think:
    1. … most Christians have forgotten?
    2. … most non-Christians need to remember?
    3. … the church needs to work on most?


  1. What can TLCC do to help you spend more time reading the Bible?
  2. What can this CARE group do to encourage other CARE groups to become a sermon based CARE Group?
  3. Why is Doug changing his pulpit Bible to the English Standard Version?
  4. A review and potential weaknesses of the ESV can be read here.


Title: “Empty Traditions, Deceptive Philosophies and Human Commands”

Text: Colossians 2:8-23

  1. What elements of false religion do see popular in our culture today?
  2. What elements of a false religion are most attractive to you?
  3. What Colossian verse that may be categorized under one of the three priority statements “Love the Lord,” Learn the Truth” and “Light the World” can help protect a seeker from falling into a false religion?