3/19 "Words that Amaze!"

  • THIS WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS    March 5 - 12,  -  John 5,
  • NEXT WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS   March 13 - 19, -   John 6:1-24,

TEXT:   John 6:1-24; Mark 6

IN A NUTSHELL: Amazing Grace is best seen in contrasts: Light in the presence of darkness. Life in the face of death.  Focusing only light & life can result in a sense of entitlement.  We get use to enjoying only the “comfy”.  John 6 tells us people were flocking to Jesus because of the amazing signs, healings even the dead being raised. Mark 6 tells us John the Baptist was killed… but not raised!  John 6 says Jesus spoke of hope and God’s goodness, feeding thousands from 2 fish and 5 loaves, Mark 6 says Herod held a lavish banquet costing tax payers big money and John the Baptist his life!  Jesus walked on water in the middle of the storm! Is loss failure or an opportunity for a faith lesson?  Grace is amazing when you see the light and life in the face of darkness and death!



Bulletin Blanks:

  Mark 6            {both}      John 6

  1.  12 Sent Out (healing)
  2.      {12 retire for rest}
  3.  Herod’s Banquet
  4.  John the Baptist (killing)
  5.                         Jesus tests Philip
  6.    { 5,000+ fed = 5 loaves + 2 fish }
  7.  {Jesus sends the twelve on by boat}
  8.  The 4th watch: 3-4 miles
  9.      {Jesus walks on water}
  10.        {Boat reaches land}     


  1. We see that once the 12 apostles came to report to Jesus about their “evangelistic tour” Jesus intended for them all to get away and rest… then what happened?

  2. How would you feel if you had been particularly close to John the Baptist, then he is beheaded… while Jesus is healing a bunch of other people?

  3. Why does Mark say Jesus went to the mountain to pray?

  4. How many miles is it from Tiberias to Capernaum?  How many miles had the disciples rowed the boat? For how long had they been rowing? (“4th watch of the night” is 6am)

  5. Why did Jesus ask Philip about the food according to John?



  1. Have you ever thought that maybe a big problem dumped in your lap might be Satan’s attempt to trip you up and God was intentionally going to use it to “TEST” your faith in Him?

  2. Have you ever felt God was not fair because He healed some, but allowed others to die?  Was God fair to John the Baptists family/friends?  (Read Mt. 11:1-15)

  3. Are there any particularly good things in your life that maybe you have grown to feel you are entitled to?

  4. Are there any particularly tough issues in your life that maybe you need to see in light of some good things God is trying to show you?

  5. What are you trying to accomplish that maybe God is waiting for you to let Him do?

  6. What might be some things God could be waiting on you to do?