12/18 "Baby It's Cold Outside"


THIS WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS  Dec. 12-18,    Psalm 120-127

NEXT WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS  Dec. 19 - 25,   Psalm 128-134

  1. TEXT: Ps. 69; Jn. 2:17; 15:25; Rom. 15:3; Mt. 27:48; Acts 1:20

IN A NUTSHELL: Much of life is a battle of choices made keeping an eye on that which is most important.  Some people see only opportunities to enjoy the present while others see opportunities to promote goodness and redeem the lost. Difficult times, broken relationships and misunderstandings can be used by God to build our faith and create hope for an amazing future.  Prophecy is for faith!


  1.  Looking through Psalm 69 list statements that communicate:

    1. ...reasons the author is discouraged, in pain or fearful.

    2. ...specific requests for God to do something.

    3. ...statements, recollections, or proclamations of hope, faith or encouragement.

  2. What do the Gospel quotes/references from Ps. 69 say about Jesus?

  3. How should we view broken relationships or hurtful circumstances in light of the Christmas message of "redemption"? Rom. 15:25; Acts 1:20


  1.  What can you do today to prepare your mind and heart to focus on redemption and selflessness rather than selfishness this holiday? 
  2. Skim over Psalm 69, don't over think it. Do any of the verses help focus you? energize you? resonate with what you anticipate experiencing this Christmas season?
  3. Based on your answer to the question above write a prayer on a post card and place it on your "go to spot"!


Objective - To help the worshipper see through a Psalm and it's Gospel fulfillment in Jesus that many of today's struggles may be tied to a disposition of selfishness. The Christmas season is a reminder and our opportunity to focus on redemption, selflessness not selfishness.  


Outcomes The worshipper should look at the anticipation of Christmas season through the eyes of redemption rather than they eyes of just more anemic celebrations. The worshipper will write a prayer to help them focus away from selfishness and toward selflessness this seaon.


  • "They hated me without a cause" Ps. 69:4 & Jn. 15:25

  • "Zeal for your house has consumed me." Ps. 69:9 & Jn. 2:17

  • Much of life is a battle with choices made keeping an eye on that which is most important.

  • This Christmas season look to celebrate opportunities for redemption more than an endless list of anemic parties.