12/3 Mary

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This Week’s Bible Readings  Nov. 22-28

Texts:  Luke 1:26-56

IN A NUTSHELL: Many women’s lives historically have been divided into pre-marriage/post marriage, pre-college or post college, pre-children or post-children. Mary’s life could have been regarded as “pre-Gabriel” and “post-Gabriel."  In every stage of life there are obstacles and opportunities. What we choose to see as we embrace that stage may make the difference of finishing well or destroying a great Godly legacy.


  1. How does the Bible describe people responding to an angel appearing to them?
  2. What was at stake (going to be the cost) for Mary because of this announcement?
  3. What are the ironies, contrasting views, or “reversals” that Mary sees in God’s announcement to her?
  4. What seemed to inspire Mary to view this as an opportunity of service, rather than an obstacle in her life?
  5. How do you imagine responding if an angel appeared to you for any reason?
  6. How has being a faithful Christian (parent, spouse, employee, church leader) been an obstacle to your comfort, happiness, or life enjoyment?
  7. “Motherhood” for many ladies become a source of personal fulfillment. Knowing what Mary watched take place in Jesus’ life how much “personal fulfillment” do you imagine her receiving from being Jesus’ mother?
  8. How have you practice viewing challenges as opportunities?
  9. What are some Scriptures that you need to embrace which can help you view life obstacles as Godly opportunities to fulfill His purpose?
  10. Do you sense God calling on you to sacrifice any life hope or dream for Him to be able to fulfill His purpose through your ministry instead?


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