11/29 “Advent Analyzed: What’s this Season all About?”

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This Week’s Bible Readings  Nov. 22-28

Texts:  Traditionally,  each week of the advent season has emphasized one of these five elements of the Christmas story.  These will form the outline of our message on Sunday, and you can look ahead at the texts if you want.. #1 -- Prophecy / Hope (Romans 15:12-13) #2 -- Bethlehem / Peace (Luke 3:4-6) #3 -- Shepherds / Joy (Luke 2:7-15) #4 -- Angel / Love (John 3:16-17) #5 -- Christ (John 1:29)

IN A NUTSHELL: What's the Advent Season all about?  Is it the same as the Christmas season or unique?  Is it consistent with biblical themes and priorities?  Could this season be celebrated in a way that helps us grow in faith rather than focus on materialistic 'stuff?"

QUESTIONS: During Advent, we recall the waiting and expectancy that God's people had in anticipation of the Messiah.  Think about these questions in relationship to waiting and patience in your own life:

  1. Do you find it difficult to wait and trust in God’s love? Why or why not?
  2. We often think of waiting as being passive. However, the waiting we see in Scripture is very active. One author has described it this way: “Active waiting means to be present fully to the moment, in the conviction that something is happening where you are and that you want to be present to it.” Have you ever thought of waiting in this way? What are some ways in which you can practice active waiting?
  3. In general, do you try to control your life or do you allow God to define your life? Does it scare you to trust God with your future?

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