4/19 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

MoneyMatters (1) TLCC Worship - Here are this week’s songs, and as always, they are on the Spotify playlist.

    • Glorified
    • Sing Sing Sing
    • Holy Holy Holy (God With Us)
    • Christ is Enough
    • My Worth is Not in What I Own
    • The Greatness of Our God

April 12-18 Bible Readings: 

April 19-25 Bible Readings: 

In a Nutshell:  Western intellectualism and industrialization have created a culture of unprecedented productivity along with unbridled consumerism.  We have fooled ourselves into thinking that learning more and doing more will create a better community. God designed early on a plan for balance, both focused work and grateful/worshipful rest. Even Jesus found renewal in purpose from withdraw and prayer. Unless God builds a home, or a church, or a nation, the laborers work in vain.

Ice Breaker:  Have you ever focused on "a tree" and lost awareness of "the forest"?  What resulted? What helped you to understand your lack of awareness?

Title:  “God wants you Focused, Satan wants you Busy”

Texts: Mark 1:32-39Ps. 127; Pr. 10:4; 10:5; 26:13-16; 13:4; 2 Thess. 3:10-13;

Stewardship Principles:

  • Principle #30 - God wants us to have times of rest and renewal. Satan wants us to be workaholics.
  • Principle #28 - God wants us to be diligent workers. Satan wants us to be lazy sluggards.

Some Questions to Consider:

  1. In the Scriptures above what all is attributed to helping one succeed?
  2. What all is mentioned as a potential cause for failure?
  3. How would you define success based on Ps. 127?
  4. How would Jesus define failure based on Mark 1:32-39?

Online Resources: