3/22 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

Alive Graphic March 15-21 Bible Readings: 

March 22 - 28 Bible Readings:

In a Nutshell:   God wants us to comprehend and commit to two related but very different concepts.  Our debt of sin can only be paid for, washed away, removed by the blood of Jesus. (period)  But we must also acknowledge that we can only be cleansed by His blood if we take responsibility for that sin.  (Not fix it, but acknowledge it's there and come to hate it) Just as there is no forgiveness without Jesus blood, there is no rebirth without repentance.  The Passover is a celebration (illustration/symbol) of these two realities.

Ice Breaker:  Have you ever had to give up something you really REALLY liked in order to receive something you needed more? How did that play out in your life?

Title:  “The Passover”

Texts:  Hebrews 12:1,2;  Exodus 12:1-14; 43-48Leviticus 23:4-8Numbers 28:16-25Deuteronomy 16:1-8Psalm 113 - 118Zechariah 9:9

John 12:1 Mark 15:25,33-34 Isaiah 53:3-7 John 19:31-37 Mark 14:26 Psalm 118

Some Questions to Consider:

  1. How can "throwing off weight and sin" help us to focus our eyes on Jesus?
  2. When was the Passover lamb to be selected (Ex. 12:1-3) and why? When was the Passover lamb to be sacrificed? (Ex. 12:5-6)
  3. When did Jesus enter Jerusalem (one day after entering Bethany according  John 12:1-13) and what did he do the four days before his crucifixion? (Mt. 21:23-27 & Mt. 23)
  4. How did Pilate fulfill Ex. 12:5?  (Jn. 19:4)
  5. When did Mark say Jesus was crucified and then died? (Mk. 15:25, 33-37)
  6. How about "the Lambs" bones, what happened? (Jn. 19:31-37)
  7. How old and prevalent was the picture of Jesus, the Messiah as "the Lamb of God" taking away our sins? (Is. 53, Jn. 1:36)
  8. What are some of the sins that keep "bothering" you?  Have you chosen to just quit fighting them thinking they are not that big of a problem?
  9. How would taking a perfect,  1 year old lamb, killing it and eating it together as a family help you discuss how sin costs more than we can pay and must be taken seriously?

Online Resources:

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