8/3 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

Wordle for Renewal Series  




Today’s Chronological Bible Reading: (today)

Title:  “The End in Sight”

Texts: 2 Kgs 18:13-19:37; 2 Chr. 32; Is. 36-37Rev. 2:8-11

A few questions to consider: 

  1. What did Hezekiah point out that the forefathers had done causing God to be so angry with them?
  2. What did Hezekiah do in response to his fear of the Assyrian King?
  3. What did Isaiah say that God had said would happen changing the course of Assyria’s King’s intentions?
  4. What did God say about trusting in alliances with other nations and weapons rather than trusting in Him?  Isaiah 31:1

 Brian Anticipating Sunday:

God's people have always been a singing people!  Obviously, I love music, but I also realize that not everyone has the same appreciation for singing or playing an instrument.  Yet, the Bible speaks over and over again about God's people lifting up our voices in song and with musical instruments.  I've recently been challenged to do what we can to make our worship gatherings more participatory, and less spectator-oriented.  This is a counter-cultural idea, since most of us really enjoy concerts and performances.  Worship, however, should not be a performance, and the congregation is not the audience!  The fact is that we can't force anyone to participate... and worship can't be forced anyway.  But there are many strategies we use to try to encourage everyone to join in on Sundays (placing songs in comfortable keys, repeating newer songs enough that they eventually become familiar, etc.).  One way that these songs can become "your own" songs of worship, sung from your heart to the Lord, is for you to listen during the week.  I hope the Spotify playlist helps you to do that.  I have now created one "TLCC Worship" playlist, and I'll rotate songs in and out of that playlist every week.  This way, you can "follow" our church playlist and access the songs there each week, along with some new songs we plan to introduce in the near future.


Here's the TLCC Worship playlist on Spotify:  TLCC Worship

This week's song list:

  • You are Good -- Israel & New Breed
  • Yours Will Be (The Only Name) -- Big Daddy Weave
  • I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) -- arrangment of classic hymn
  • The Wondrous Cross -- Kathryn Scott -- arrangement of classic hymn
  • Only King Forever-- Elevation Worship
  • Always -- Kristian Stanfill

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