7/27 Prepare Your Heart for Worship

Wordle for Renewal Series  




Today’s Chronological Bible Reading: (today)

Title:  “Hezekiah’s Reforms”

Texts:  2 Kings 18:1-12; 2 Chr. 29-31; Rev. 2:12-17; Is. 1:10-20

A few questions to consider: 

  1. What idols (subtle loyalties that distract you from loving and serving God) need to be identified in your life?
  2. What emotional “piles of dirt” have mounted up in the corners of your heart and mind?
  3. What old habits need to be exposed like Balam’s sins, and the Nicolatian’s pagan ways?
  4. What good habits need to be put in their place?

 Brian Anticipating our Worship:

I love pretty much any kind of music, and it's exciting to worship together with brothers and sisters in Christ across many generations.  This means that we often combine old and new songs in a single service... a great symbol of our unity as a body of believers!  Last week, I was blessed to attend a session with Bill and Gloria Gaither, and we'll learn a new song that combines their classic "Because He Lives" with a brand new version.  It's so new that it is nowhere to be found online... but we'll learn it together!  Another group, Shane & Shane, have recently revived the simple chorus "He Is Exalted," and we'll sing that on Sunday as well.

This week's worship music:

  • Glory to God Forever (Fee)
  • He is Exalted (Shane & Shane) - with I Will Bless the Lord
  • Because He Lives (Gaither) and Because He Lives (Maher)
  • He Leadeth Me (classic hymn)
  • You Are Good (Houghton)

Here is the Spotify playlist: July 27 2014

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