4/20 “No Bones Broken- It’s Easter!”

Texts: 1 Sam. 21 -31; Ps. 7,27,31,34,52, 56, 120,140-142, 17,35, 54, 63, 18, 121, 123-125, 128-130; Esp. Ps. 34:19-22;  John 19:31-37; 1 Sam. 21:1-15;  Ex. 12:46; Num. 9:12 IN A NUTSHELL:  From heaven’s view the cross was the place where God took on evil and won.  From man’s view the cross has become the place where hope takes on despair and wins.  Keep in mind that it is impossible to rejoice at the empty tomb until you have looked sin in the face at the cross! But when/if you do, “no bones will be broken!”

 Ice Breaker: What traditions of celebrating Easter do you recall growing up with?


  1. Read John 19:31-37:  What Scriptures were being fulfilled in verses 36 and 37?  Ps. 34:20; Ex. 12:46; Num. 9:12; Zech 12:10
  2. What was the point of Psalm 34?  Who wrote it? When?
  3. What was going on in David’s life when he wrote Psalm 34?
  4. How does David describe his deliverance by God from the wicked in Ps. 34?
  5. What is the point of Jesus bones not being broken?  John 19:36; Ps. 34:20; Ex. 12:46; Num. 9:12


  1. What is going on in your life that might seem a little like “innocent David” running from “wicked Saul”?
  2. This Easter what are you celebrating? What are you struggling with?
  3. Can you see how God is “protecting your bones from being broken?”


  1. How does the church help people that are struggling remember that “no bones are being broken?”
  2. How can we keep the church from getting the reputation that we are just passing on idealized, fairy tales rather than profound Gospel truths?

  Online Resources:


Title “The Search for Significance”

Texts:  2 Sam 1‐4; 1 Chr. 1-6; Ps. 6,8-10, 14,16,19,21,43-45,49,84-85, 87,73,77-78;  The Story: 145 -149;   66 L.L.: Psalms, pg 89  Especially   Psalm 8 New Testament: Heb. 2:6-8; Eph. 3:14-19;

In a Nutshell:  What is man that you are mindful of him? The search for significance must begin with God’s love and end with Christ’s love filling us and living out through our lives. Our significance is found in Him.

 Parents with your Children:  At the beginning of the week sit down as a family and discuss what makes you feel significant. Challenge each one throughout the week to try to help each other feel significant by loving others the way God loves you.