“Generational Blessing”

Legacy Series Graphic Texts: Ruth 1 – 1 Sam. 20; Ps. 11,59; especially -Heb. 11:20-22; Ruth 4:13-17, 1 Sam. 2:1-11

IN A NUTSHELL:   Some see a Generational Blessing like that of Hebrews 11:20-22, where a godly person declares a blessing for the future of their children.  But the roots of all Generational Blessing is in a faith lived out, taught, exemplified and prayed for by parents and grandparents.  Much like Naomi’s trust in God influenced Ruth, Obed, Jesse, and David.  And as Hannah agonized for justice and then gave Samuel to the Lord.  There is no short cut to praying for and giving a Generational Blessing!

Ice Breaker: In today’s culture many people did not grow up having a grandparent agonize in prayer over them.   How might a brand new faith, as opposed to a faith that is generations old be different?


  1. Read Ruth 4:13-17 – Why was it so significant that Naomi had a “kinsman redeemer”?
  2. How was Naomi related to King David?
  3. What would your family tree look like if you were David and your great grandmother were Ruth? What stories can you imagine would have been past down?
  4. Read 1 Sam. 1 -2:11 – Who do you think Hannah had in mind when she prayed 1 Sam. 2:3? (1 Sam. 1:6,7,16)
  5. In a sentence or two can you sum up Hannah’s prayer? 1 Sam. 2:1-10
  6. Doesn’t it seem strange that Hannah would pray with such intensity for a son and then leave him with Eli? 1 Sam. 2:11


  1. When you seek a blessing on your children is it for their benefit or for God’s?
  2. What are the names of some younger parents and or children that you might/do mentor in their faith in Christ and persistently pray for?
  3. What Scripture would you say has come to mean most to you in your life?  How can you humbly share that Scripture with someone else?
  4. What good thing would you like to see accomplished for God that will take more than just your generation to complete?


  1. Hannah left Samuel with Eli, which by the way was obviously not the perfect spiritual leader.  How can people become spiritually strong when their community of faith is immature?
  2. How can the Synergy Ministry in our Church help your family create a new legacy?
  3. Do you think Hannah ever felt Samuel wasn't “being fed spiritually” with Eli as the priest?




Title “No Bones Broken… It’s Easter!”

Text:  John 19:32-37; Ps 34 (especially verse 20) 1 Sam. 21:1-15

In a Nutshell:  From heaven’s view the cross was the place where God took on evil and won.  From man’s view the cross has become the place where hope takes on despair and wins.  The question is: Do you embrace that TRUTH to be your truth?


Parents with your Children: What symbols do you use to celebrate Easter?  On Thursday evening before bedtime read John 13:1-17. On Good Friday read John 19. On Saturday night before bed read John 20:1-18. Pray with your children and ask God to give them hope in their dreams Easter eve.