2/16 - Confronting Sin

Aviary Photo_130363115698044696 Texts: Leviticus 10:1-20;  Romans 7:13-25Philippians 3:7-21

IN A NUTSHELL: Recognizing a casual attitude toward God’s commands is essential to confronting sin, but that is not the ultimate answer.  One must learn to recognize sin and discern righteousness,  then most importantly to desire Christ and to know Him.  Everything else pales!

Ice Breaker: Hay baseball fans, where does the adage “Keep your eye on the ball” come from?  Why don’t we say, “Keep your eye on the bat”? 


  1. What did Nadab & Abihu do wrong?  Lev. 10:1
  2. What does God say about people “who are near” him?  Lev. 10:3
  3. What was Mishael and Elzaphan supposed to do, AND not supposed to do? Lev. 10:4-6
  4. How did Paul describe the inner struggle between sin and righteousness? Rom. 7:21-24
  5. “Who will deliver me from this body of death”?  Rom. 7:25
  6. What does Paul say is the one thing he does?  Phil. 3:13-14
  7. How many terms in Phil. 3:7-21 are related to a persons thought process and focus?


  1. Can you recall a time when an outsider might have assumed you were being too extreme in your punishment of one of your children?  Why were you confident that the punishment was justified?
  2. If struggling with sin makes you feel defeated then what does Paul seem to suggest will help you feel victorious?
  3. Which seems to help you confront your sin, focusing on what you don’t want to do that is wrong or focusing on what you want to do that is good?


  1. How can the church emphasize pressing on toward that which is good and lies ahead rather than just always pointing out the
  • HIStory for me… In the Old Testament God teaches his children that he defines sin and a casual attitude on my part toward sin is not an option.   
  • HIStory in me In the Old and New Testaments God teaches and illustrates that left to my own defenses I will always default to sin.  Without His help there is in all men, including me, an insatiable appetite to do what I should not.  More education is not the answer, doing away without poverty is not the solution, eliminating punishment and accentuating reward has minimal effect.  I must see sin as an enemy and Jesus as my Savior! 
  • HIStory through me… As I seek the power of His resurrection in me others will hear, believe, and desire the truth.  The hope of Glory…Christ in you!  Every life circumstance and relationship becomes a stage from which we proclaim God’s desire. “I will display my holiness through those who come near me.”  




Title “Understanding Disease”

Text:  Lev. 14 – Num. 2  especially Lev. 26:15-16,  NT - 1 Cor. 11:30; Jn. 9:1-4; Jam. 5:14; 1 Tim. 5:23;  2 Tim. 4:20

Questions: “What types of diseases might be related to a person’s sin?  What types of diseases might be related to someone else’s sin? What types of diseases are related to Adam and Eve’s sin, but might be ultimately used to bring God glory?


Parents with your Children:  Begin a list of friends that struggle with some level of sickness?  What might be the source of that sickness?  How can you pray for and encourage these friends?