2/10 -16 This Week's Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Feb. 10th – 16th (7th week)

Title: "Confronting Sin"

Text: (Nadab & Abihu) Ex. 33-40 & Lev. 1-13  especially Lev. 10:1-20

In a Nutshell: A casual attitude toward the letter of the Law AND the spirit of the Law is dangerous. When we are seeking holiness it must be out of a desire to “know Christ”not just to satisfy a law. The power to obey God's commands out of love for our redeemer can not be matched by the resolve to keep a list of do's and don'ts.   It will be noticed by others as we love Christ and “live up to" the understanding "we have already attained.”

Questions: “What was the Old Testament means of teaching people the seriousness of sin?  What is the New Testament means of teaching people the futility of sin?   

 Parents with your Children:  At the beginning of the week make a list of common sins with which your children & their friends  struggle. Toward the end of the week list the potential consequences that result from each of those sins.