1/19 "God said, ‘Go!’ Jesus says, ‘I’m with You!’”

God-creation-manThis Week’s Chronological Daily Bible Readings Jan. 13th – 19th (3rd week)

Texts: Job 35-42; Gen. 12-24; Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:6-11

IN A NUTSHELL -As God called Abraham to leave his comfort zone to step out into a life he could not fully comprehend, so also He calls us today to step out amidst a confusing world and help fulfill his purpose.  Jesus made the promise clear that no matter where we go, he would be with us.  A calling cannot be fully understood without stepping out with faith in Him!

Ice Breaker: What was the first career that you recall having interest in? What caused you to decide on something else?


  1. How old was Abraham when he left Haran? (Gen. 12:4) When Isaac was born? (Gen. 21:1-7) When Sarah died? (Gen. 23:1) When he died? (Gen. 25:7)  So is it safe to say he left home and started his call/career of serving God at “mid-life?”
  2. How many altars did Abraham build? And where were they? (Gen. 12:6,7,8; 13:18; 22:9-14)
  3. How many mistakes would you say Abraham made while trying to live out his call? What reasoning lead to his mistakes?  (Gen. 12:10-20; 16:1-16; 20:1-18)  What resulted from his mistakes?  (Gen. 26:1-11; Gen. 21:9 & Gal. 4:29)
  4. What resulted from Abraham’s faith? (Gen. 12:2; Acts 3:25; Gal. 3:8 Rom. 4:18-25)
  5. As the disciples went about life what were they promised? Matt. 28:19-20Acts 1:6-11


  1. Would you say Abraham’s flocks and crops were his “call/career” or the means by which God enabled him to fulfill his “call/career”?
  2. It has been said the worst job you can have is the one “just for the money.”  How can your faith in God revolutionize your perspective of God’s call on your life in your career?
  3. How have you intentionally tried to guide your children/grandchildren in selecting a career and discerning God’s call on their lives?
  4. Tim Keller suggests that we start with the needs of the individuals and circumstances around us rather than our gifts and abilities when discerning a call/career.  Why?


  1. How might the Church help individuals define God’s call on their life?
  2. As a CARE Group share your child’s uniqueness’s and the opportunities that God might use them to influence their “call/career.”


  •  HIStory for me… Since the beginning of time the Bible stories teach me that God blesses those that keep their covenant with Him and are opposed to those that reject Him.
  •  HIStory in me… As Abraham left the comforts of home so He calls me to find my comfort in faith and obedience to Him. Grace will mark my path as I give Him my ultimate attention.  
  • §  HIStory through me… God is in a battle not only for my soul, but the souls of billions! As I step out in faith, doing what I know I should and can, while trusting He will show me the things I don’t know, then my faith will be rewarded with righteousness and a sense of fulfillment that will in turn bless others.    


Title “Wrestling with God”

Text:  Gen. 32 (Jacob & Saul)  Saul  Acts 9:1-9 &  2 Cor. 12:7-10

Questions: “The first half of Genesis covers all the major patriarchs up through Abraham. That’s a lot of time &  HIStory.  But look at the last half of Genesis! It’s all about Jacob and the beginning of much family drama surrounding people trying to get their own way. Looking at decisions Jacob made, what happened to him, and ultimately what he watched play out in the lives of his kids?  How would you say deception/trickery/manipulation works out while we are “wrestling with God” worrying about our future?

Parents with your Children:  Make a list of things with your children that they see at school, home, or with friends where people are trying to deceive, trick or manipulate people or circumstances to get their own way.  Discuss how God views that in light of Jacob’s story.