1/19 "God said, 'Go!' Jesus says, 'I’m with You!'”

Jan. 13th – 19th (3rd week)

 Jan 13 Job 35‐37

 Jan 14 Job 38‐39

 Jan 15 Job 40‐42

 Jan 16 Gen 12‐15

 Jan 17 Gen 16‐18

 Jan 18 Gen 19‐21

 Jan 19 (Sunday) Gen 22‐24

Jan. 19,  Sermon –  "God said, 'Go!' Jesus says, 'I’m with You!'”

Texts: Job 35-42; Gen. 12-24; Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:6-11

IN A NUTSHELL -As God called Abraham to leave his comfort zone to step out into a life he could not fully comprehend so also He calls us today to help fulfill his purpose.  Jesus made the promise clear that no matter where we go, he would go with us to support us through any obstacles that might try to hinder us.  A call can not be fully understood without stepping out in faith!