11/10 - "Crossing the Tracks"

roadtripslider Texts: Luke 10:25-36James 2:1Acts 10:34-35Galatians 3:26-29Romans 10:12-13  

In a Nutshell: Everyone wants a “cross-off-list” on how to get to heaven, especially the smart guys (a.k.a. the “lawyer”), but Jesus never lets us get by with shortcuts or meticulous lists. Understanding that Jericho was a bedroom community to Jerusalem’s priests and Levites, and that Samaritan’s were viewed as sub-level humans Jesus makes his point a midst a significant place:  "You must see through your prejudices to look upon other’s needs and then trust God’s resources to provide whatever is necessary to bring hope and healing to a broken community." The ticket to eternal life is “getting over yourself” and looking to Him!

Ice Breaker: When you were a child what population was regarded as “across the tracks,” or a bad community that wasn't safe?


  1. Why do you think Jesus initially answered the lawyer’s question with a question?  How many questions did Jesus ask the lawyer? Lk. 10:25-26,36 (Bible Truths.net)
  2. Why did the lawyer ask the question, “And who is my neighbor?”
  3. What is significant about the road between Jerusalem and Jericho?  (Google – “’The way of blood’ Jericho”)


  1. What’s the Place, the Point,  the Practice, of this text?
  2. When Jesus said, “Go, and do likewise” what was he telling this lawyer?  How difficult of a task would this have been? What all would he have to confront within and without himself in order to do this?
  3. Translate the “lawyer,” the “Samaritan,” the “road from Jerusalem to Jericho,” the Levite and the Priest into today’s culture.  Now how about you?  What prejudice would you have to recognize and reach through and at what cost?
  4. How about a Road Trip?  Check out a Geocache in Fayette, MO.  Have you ever wondered where the name "Little Dixie" came from?  Imagine standing a midst fields close to home realizing the wealth of the region was initially raised on slave labor. Then imagine hearing Jesus tell a story about an African-American slave which stopped to save one of your family member's lives after a preacher, a politician, and a doctor had passed them by?


  1. Does T.L.C.C., in your opinion, create prejudice or reach through prejudice to help others?  Why do you say that?  How might we do better?



Title:  “Jesus Sends Out the Seventy”

Text:  Lk. 10:1-24

Questions: What were the 70 disciples celebrating? What did Jesus suggest they celebrate instead?

Parents with your children: Emotional and spiritual immaturity tends to celebrate power and influence. In contrast maturity celebrates with gratitude grace given and the opportunity to share it with others. Looking ahead to the holidays plan with your family some opportunities to focus on others.  How can your family reach out to other families with “the Christmas Message?” (20 Ideas for Serving Others)