11/3 Road Trip! - Luke 9:51

roadtripslider Texts:   Luke 9:51

In a Nutshell: This holiday season prepare for a “Road Trip!”  Many Ancient philosophers and religious teachers had their teachings recorded as a “Traveling Narrative.”  Key points were discussed at specific times in geographic or demographic contexts which emphasized things the great teachers wanted their disciples to remember.  Over the next couple of months we will be challenged to plan through the holidays for God moments on a ”Road Trip!” A significant section of the gospel of Luke has become well know as Jesus’ “traveling narrative.” In November and December we will look at the places, the points and some practices we should commit to in response to Jesus’ teachings on His and the disciples “Road Trip”. We will look for ways to make God moments come to life in our family’s holiday experiences.

Ice Breaker: What was the most profound lesson you remember learning that was not in a classroom or a textbook?


  1. What is the single commonality of all these verses? Luke 9:51, 53; 13:22, 33; 17:11; 18:31; 19:11, 28
  2. What according to Luke 9:51, in the wording of Luke, was the event to happen in Jerusalem and was so significant?
  3. Looking at any one of these texts and their contexts what events, people, and principles are taught?
  4. What types of places did the Jews seem to view “the classroom” to include? Deut. 6:6-7; Luke 13:11-19; 22,23;


  1. List two or three of the most important principles by which you live your life each day?
  2. From whom and where were you when you first began to understand those principles?
  3. Were there any later life events that sealed those principles in your heart?
  4. What are the most important principles in your life you want to impress on you closest family and friends?
  5. Is there someplace significant you can go to which will make those principles come to life?


  1. Is there anything outstanding that you or your kids have learned at a church camp, missions trip, or youth conference?
  2. Anticipating this year’s Drive Through Bethlehem, pray and prepare to have God teach you something while working on this event.


Title:  “Crossing the Tracks”

Text:  Lk. 10:25-37

Questions: Why did the expert in the law ask his question? What was Jesus answer? And what was Jesus’ point.

Parents with your children:  Prejudice is seen in others but rarely recognized in ourselves.  Talks with your kids early in the week and as a family discuss how to spot prejudice in your day at work/school.