8/11 "Beautiful Feet"

Good News That Works logo Sermon IN A NUTSHELL -  Since the day Adam and Eve sacrificed paradise God has persistently longed to reveal the Good News of His plan of salvation for His creation.  The prophets captured man’s anticipation in the picture of a Herald announcing victory from the mountain tops. The good news of salvation means the most to those who thought they could never hear such news. When they in turn are able to share that Good News with others that feared the worst there is a “taste of heaven.”


1. What good news was being shared and to whom was it being shared in Nahum 1:15?  In Isaiah 52 &53?  In Romans 10?

2. Who shared the “Good News” with you?  Were there any precipitating circumstances that made the Good News particularly compelling to you?

3. Who are you trying to share the Good News with now? Is that effort born out of obligation, fear or love

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