7/28 - Good News That Works (Romans)

Good News That Works logo Sermon In a Nutshell:  Contrary to Paul’s declaration and the 20th century culture there was a good reason for Paul to say he wasn’t “ashamed of the gospel.”  Most of Paul’s contexts, including philosophically, politically and spiritually, viewed the gospel as an embarrassment to the “modern” worldview. A man saving people by dying, a god/man reigning in a kingdom that was not of this world and a messiah expecting 12 working class recruits to change the world was laughable! Believing  the good news of Jesus enough to live it out in our lives will change everything!

Connecting to the Texts:  (Hab. 2:4; Gal. 3:11-12; Heb. 10:38)

1. To whom was the common phrase “the righteous will live by faith” given in the above listed Scriptures?

2. How did the average Greek and Jew tend to respond to the gospel according to the Apostle Paul?  1 Cor. 1:18-25

3. In contrast to “the righteous living by faith” how does the unrighteous  tend to live? Hab. 2:4; Heb. 10:32-38

4. Is it possible to believe in something but not have your lifestyle influenced by that conviction?

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