"Give us this day..."

20130618_085519Kristi this past late winter/early spring planted some lettuce for her blog.  There were some small sprouts left over from her post/project so I transplanted them about four weeks ago.  It has become a good reminder of a way of life (food wise that is) we have evolved into.  I am being reminded that food comes from God's creation and has a time table we must respect. The lettuce is outgrowing the pepper plants.  We have to keep eating lettuce so peppers can grow. It's a new way of thinking AND eating. If it doesn't have caffeine, nitrates (preservatives), wheat or dairy in it then EAT IT... A LOT of it."    I have never before been in a season of "watching what I eat" that Kristi would have to remind me to eat something!  Fresh (organic) fruit, veggies, meat and nuts on a rotating basis.  I guess if you get the chemicals (preservatives) out of your body which keeps things (like body fat) from decomposing, eliminate the caffeine (which is a high octane false fuel) your body is tricked into burning body fat.  By the way, no soy or sweetener substitutes because they have been so processed they are worse than worthless.

So all of this means I appreciate more the food I do eat because without preservatives we must eat it fast or it spoils.  I can't go to as many restaurants (You know, those places where they ask what you want and ten minutes later it magically appears) because they use food that has been grown, shipped and served for the purpose of making them money rather than making me healthy. (Oh my, I'm sounding like a health nut on a rant- sorry!)

Bottom line - I have a whole new appreciation for the prayer, "Give us THIS day our DAILY bread..." and a greater sens of responsibility to be careful about what goes in my mouth.  God and His creation is truly AMAZING!