7/29 Ephesians: "Refocusing the Fight for the Family"

In a Nutshell: Paul's description of the "Armor of God" is to help us in every role of life including being a spouse and a parent.  It might be said that the church's role is to make very clear to families that there is a battle, a battle plan, an armor, and how they should be engaged. Parents, you can't model to your kids what you don't know, and Church, your families can't know what your leaders don't teach and model.  Ice Breaker:  What is your favorite war movie? Or who is your favorite war hero?  Why?

 Text: Ephesians 6:10-20




Refocusing the Fight for the Family - Same Sex Marriage

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T.L.C.C. fights for the family by creating opportunities for families to worship, learn, and serve together.  All T.L.C.C. ministers require pre-marriage counseling before officiating any wedding ceremonies.  There are CARE groups that consistently focus on the husband, wife and parenting relationships. At least on sermon series each year focuses on the Famiily institution.  Periodically families find scholarship funding for professional counseling.  Parents of youth are encouraged to meet with the youth ministry leadership each quarter, and parents of the children's ministry receive periodic updates of curriculum plans and special event opportunities. Since the summer of 2012 we have intentionally sought to provide resources for parents and families to celebrate seasons of growth through the Synergy plan.
If moms and dads don't exemplify a hunger for the truth, discuss and demonstrate with their kids the priority of righteousness there will be no belt of truth or breastplate to protect the major organs of our spiritual health. If families don't take seriously the opportunities to meet, study, reach out to people they know, and serve others there will be no sense of urgency for the gospel, the helmet of salvation will seem to be little more than an artifact of a battle gone by, ineffective in helping the family to think clearly about their salvation, ill equipped to brandish the sword of the spirit and unable to know how to pray.
Ultimately, the only thing a church organization can do to help families engage the battle is to provide a network or system of support to teach, exemplify, coordinate, support and hold accountable those that want to grow spiritually. This can only be done through the vehicle of relationships. Our commitments to "Koinonia", and "the one-anothers" of the Bible are essential for this to happen!
  • T.L.C.C.seeks to put on the belt of truth when her Leadership studies and commits to Core Beliefs and key biblical principles before accepting the challenge to become leaders. We seek to promote the belt of Truth for all of us with the intentional reading/studying from every book of the Bible ever six years
  • Background Checks and Ministry Volunteer Applications for ministry leaders and workers emphasize the need for commitment to actual righteousness rather than just the intention to righteousness. Bible fellowship leaders, youth sponsors and ministry leaders seek to provide examples and virtual "laboratories" of discussion and mentoring during missions trips ministry projects such as Children's church, Wednesday night activities, the food pantry and ministries as such.
  • T.L.C.C.'s corporate worship seeks to introduce, cultivate, and inspire faith, while small group atmospheres promote friendships that help support faith and nurture faith building relationships. Sermon based CARE groups intentionally mingle the values of Bible study with the priorities of fellowship.
  • The Pre-school and Afternoon Bible Club have been great examples of feet that are quick to take the gospel to our community.  Our youth consistently participate in community service projects, and help to introduce our church's ministry to the community.
  • Our email prayer updates and online prayer page help us to pray for the saints, and consistently reminds us of how to support one another while leaning on God's gracious provision.