3/25 CARE Sheet - "Pass It On!" sermon 8 of 8; "A Business Woman in a Man's World," Lydia, Acts 16

Key Texts: Acts 16:11-15; Phil 4:14-19; Judges 4&5; IN A NUTSHELL – You’ve come a long way baby!”  Does Christianity enslave women?  Does the Bible liberate women, or imprison them?  Is a successful business woman a disgrace to the plan of God, or an opportunity to celebrate her gifts for His purpose? Let the Bible speak and Archie Bunker remain silent.


Did your mother work outside the home?  How was that received by the culture with which you were surrounded?


  1. Where, when, and why did Paul meet Lydia?  Acts 16:11-15
  2. What does Paul make special note to mention about his relationship with those early converts at Philippi? Phil. 4:14-19
  3. What did Deborah say would be unusual about Barak’s plan if carried out as submitted?  Judges 4:9
  4. How did God describe the culture of Israel when they were living in rebellion? Isa. 3:9,12
  5. How did Jesus treat women during His ministry?
  6. Would you say the “Proverbs 31 Woman” was a business woman, or a home maker? Defend your answer.
  7. How can mutual submission fit within the context of husbands and wives loving and respecting each other?  Eph. 5: 21-33
  8. Do you want to do a little extra digging?  What appears to link Lydia, Philippi, and Thyatira together?  Consider carefully a significant element mentioned in all three texts:   Acts 16:11-15Rev. 2:18-20, 24-26Phil 4:14-19;
  9. Coordinating Sermon Video


  1. How can you tell when you are speaking down to a person?
  2. How can you tell when you are speaking up to a person?
  3. What have you done lately to honor the women in your life for the gifts God has given to them and they in turn have utilized to bless you?  What are those gifts?
  4. What unique gifts have God given you so you can serve your wife/husband/mother/daughters?


  1. How can TLCC better teach husbands to love their wives as Jesus loves the church, and wives to respect their husbands as the church respects Jesus?

NEXT WEEK "These Last Days” sermon series introduction “False Teachings” 1 Tim. 1:3-11

April Series in a Nutshell- No one has to ask if some of America’s culture is in conflict with God.  But does that mean we are near the end?  Did the Mayan’s know something we don’t?  The Bible describes “The Last Days!” They are not to be met with fear but with hope, faith and obedience.  Victory is assured for the faithful and everything that is to happen will be right on schedule.  Nothing will catch God by surprise !

How does Paul characterize false teachings and false teachers in this text?