12/18 CARE Sheet - "Brighter!" series 3 of 4; Hebrews 8:5-6; 9&10, "brighter promises"

You’re my present this year?”

Check out some ideas for creative gifting! Christmas 2011

Hebrews 8:4-6

Hebrews 8-10

Hebrews 10:19-25

International Christmas Traditions

Christmas Candles: a New Light on an Old Story

IN A NUTSHELL – "From decorations, visiting family, the Christmas meal plans and sensible presents with no credit card buying, this PROMISES to be the best Christmas ever!'"  What do the decorations, traditional meal plan, and carefully chosen “presents” say to your family? Think carefully how you handle Christmas this year so that the best promises/presents (Jesus, redemption, salvation, hope) are not over shadowed by those things created as illustrations and shadows of Christmas realities.” 

 ICE BREAKER – Contrasting “better” & “lasting promises” with the possessions we tend to focus on, like Christmas gifts, what has been the best/worst Christmas gift you have ever received, or tradition you have  ever kept?


  1. What all are referred to as copies, shadows, or a pattern of real things in heaven? 8:4,5,6; 9:24; 10:1
  2. What were the food and drink and various ceremonial washings—external regulations applying toward? 9:10
  3. Where were the laws of the Old Covenant written?  The New Covenant? 8:10
  4. How did the Old Covenant affect the worshipers conscience?  The New Covenant? 9:9 & 14
  5. What did Jesus come to do the first time?  What will be his purpose the next time he comes? 9:28
  6. Noticing the “let us…” statements in 10:19-25, what were the Hebrew Christians supposed to do to get their “faith-walk” back in shape?
  7. What had the Hebrew Christians gladly endured early in their “faith-walk”? 10:32-36


  1. What tends to make Christmas distracting, stressful and unfulfilling?  Is there some way to limit those things?
  2. What is the greatest “promise” Christmas can point towards, illustrate, or provide a “pattern” for in your celebration?
  3. What traditions can you start that will emphasize the central meaning of Christmas and promote the “better promises”?


  1. How can church get in the way of a healthy celebration of Christmas?
  2. How can church support a healthy celebration of Christmas?

NEXT WEEK – "a brighter worship”

“Next Sunday is Christmas Day.  One family service at 9:45am.  Brian will lead in a comprehensive worship service focusing on the message through music, and Mary will lead a Children’s devotional .   No separate Children’s programming on this day!  No CARE Groups.  Don’t forget our Annual Christmas Eve Service!