Deut. 1:13  "Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men, and I will appoint them as your heads."

A webpage of resources describing biblical issues and links to resources for the purpose of  helping Christians understand various candidate’s positions and the Bible’s perspective on key topics. A recent Facebook poll of over 1,100 preachers nationwide suggests these are key issues which are most importantly biblical, secondly viewed as political by many individuals.  I am convinced they should be addressed by Christian leaders in some form or fashion.  They are in the Bible!  The links provided should not be viewed as an endorsement in any particular position or candidate but rather as good Scripturally based “food for thought” as you prayerfully vote your conscience.

Test of Fire: An election video from 2012 but still relevant

Fact  (What I wouldn’t give to hear the truth in a campaign!)

A website that monitors bias of fact checking websites. 

I side with… a website that helps you analyze your views with the Presidential candidate’s.

Information about 2016 Missouri Voting issues.

Voter Guides:

What will be on your ballot?  Smart Voter  (a bipartisan site of links to see what is on your ballot)

A good U.S. Constitutional Worldview voter guide.  Tends to be bipartisan and extensive in information on candidates and issues. Frontline Magazine  Go to the “Frontline” and “Election 2016” links.

  1. Three major categories of topics:  1) God’s perspective on Entitlements,  2) God’s perspective on the value of Human Life   3) The Christian’s View of Authority.

A Call to Pray that God will Unite us, Strengthen us, Appoint and Anoint our next Leader:

40 days of prayer card – printable with times to pray 9:11am & 9:11 pm

Calif. Pastor Rebukes ‘Passive, Coward’ Churches for Avoiding Hot Button Issues

Is the Church breaking the Law?  A legal opinion by Liberty Counsel

A PLAN FOR TAKING A STAND to our community's leadership

Christians respectfully communicate to leadership throughout our country that we are grateful for their role as a civil servant and that we are committed to the Biblical principles of being Christian citizens.

The Process:

  1. Purchase inexpensive Bibles to personalize for U.S. Governors, the Mayors of  50 major cities in the U.S., and our local government leaders (civil servants).
  2. Small groups or classes in the church meet to review the Scriptures, write a personal message (freedom personal note card) to a specific leader, write in the Bible a simple outline with Scriptures and page numbers emphasizing four key points. (see embedded Scriptures below)
    1. As Christians we want to submit to governments when they do not conflict with God’s principles. The Bible recognizes and blesses significant roles for civil government.
    2. There is a mandate for Godly people to voluntarily love all people with a commitment to social justiceevangelism and discipleship.
    3. The Bible teaches that man has free will and should have a freedom of religion.
    4. The Bible condemns sexual abuse/misuse including homosexuality.  Same-sex marriage may be legalized, but it is never supported in the Bible, nor able to producea Christian family.
  3. Individuals then mail the personalized Bibles to their chosen civil leader.
    1. U.S. Governors addresses
    2. 50 largest U.S. Cities
    3. Our Local Government Leadership
      1. Moberly MO Mayor’s office
      2. Randolph County MO
      3. Columbia MO Mayor
      4. MO State House of Representatives
      5. MO State Senate
  4. The estimated cost for such a program would be approximately $10 per person and provide a Bible study series of approximately 4 weeks.
  5. Do we really know what the Bible says about religious freedom, same-sex-marriage and our responsibilities as citizens?   “Speaking up about our rights” might be better received by the public if we were better about understanding and fulfilling our responsibilities as Christian citizens.
  6. My all time favorite book regarding the biblical priorities of America’s founding fathers.  America’s God and Country by William J. Federer


(Having chosen a worldview we will live with 2012 and beyond)

So what now after the Election 2012?  There will likely be a lot of buyers remorse over the next several years.  When congress is urged by leadership to vote in a law so they can read what’s in it you can count on being “water boarded” with stuff the public wouldn’t want.  But when a population votes back in such leadership, brace yourself!  That means people that don’t know where they are going but want to enjoy the trip are in control.   These are my “Post 2012 Election Convictions” i described in our 12/12 church newsletter.

I’m starting to see things differently…  I’m not sure if it’s the no line transition lenses in my new glasses, celebrating my 52nd Christmas holiday, adjusting to the “empty nest”, surviving another “most important election of our lives,” or maybe it’s nearing the Myan Calendar’s “end of the world” as we know it :), that tweaked my perspective.  No matter the cause. I like it!  I love my family more. I trust God more. I long to be with Jesus more (and those that I know that are with Him) .  I see the world I live in more clearly. Them no-line bi-focals are “snazzy”. :)  Most people around me are seeking peace ALMOST as much as they long to know the truth. I mean TRUTH. Not my truth or their truth.  I mean “Jesus was graveyard dead and now His body can’t be found anywhere TRUTH.” Most of us, it seems, want to see TRUTH until we get close enough to recognize it doesn’t’ match what we like.

You see, I no longer expect people to “enjoy” my sermons.  I pray they will walk out challenged and hopeful.  I no longer see the value of begging uncommitted people to try doing the right thing…again.  Jesus’ caution concerning the “casting pearls before swine” applies in every culture whether it’s politically correct to say it or not.  I see clearly without any distortion that relationships driven by God’s agape’ love is the appropriate hook for the gospel message. It’s not a well rehearsed opening joke, a photo-shopped picture, or a well marketed attendance campaign. I am convinced  the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. But that does not mean church buildings won’t face foreclosure.  It means nothing will change our life stories unless it’s the pure untainted gospel of man’s sinfulness transformed by God’s love through Jesus’ sacrifice. A religious legalistic attempt to bend man’s nature to be nice is useless!  A religious feel good gospel that doesn’t demand a cost of discipleship and promises prosperity along with comfort is equally useless!

I am confident the family is the core unit of discipleship, the Church is the best community through which cultural change can be initiated, and America like every other nation in the world needs to take another look at Jesus.  I am confident that great leaders for families, churches, and our community can come from any average “Jack” or “Jill” that learns to ingest the Bible, hate sin, love Jesus and has someone praying for them!

Jeremiah 29 offers some good advice… Jeremiah 29

Bob Russell on Politics and Religion

Several Preachers Respond to their churches regarding the Election 2012

Intercessors for America Prayer and News cite

A webpage of resources outlining biblical issues and links to good resources to help Christians understand the arguments. A recent facebook poll of over 1,100 preachers nationwide suggests these are key issues that are first off biblical. secondly viewed as political and should be addressed from the pulpit.

  • What are the biblical issues which are going to be affected by your vote?

A Call to Pray that God will Unite us, Strengthen us, Appoint and Anoint our next Leader:

40 days of prayer card - printable with times to pray 9:11am & 9:11 pm

The Catholic Church is drawing a line in the political sand...  (Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Official HD Version - Catholic)