Did you know that the church and/or clergy were not involved in the wedding ceremony until nearly 300 AD?  It was overseen by the families and officiated by the fathers. As a preacher I'm not trying to shirk responsibility, but I am trying to make sure Mom's and Dad's get back involved in the "tying of the knot" process.   Oh and don't try to worm your way in to this decision process when they are about to get engaged.  By then your too late!   You start when they are at pre-school trying to define the characteristics of good friends.  Check this out: Picking Melons and Mates  By the way, I'm not talking about "arranged marriages."  I'm talking about families putting Godly principles of faith and family before feelings and "chemistry". Ultimately, who they spend their life with, and nurture the next generation with is their decision, but at least they will have thought through the process before the "romance" begins and the heart has lost it's firm footing. Back to weddings...

I do wedding ceremonies.  Here is my policy: Doug's Marriage Covenant Policy

I do pre-marriage counseling.  As a matter of fact that is a requirement in order for me to officiate the ceremony.  There must be a significant level of pre-marriage counseling by myself or someone reputable.

My daughter's wedding last year helped me rethink destination weddings.  Choosing a Godly theme, limiting money spent to a reasonable level and including mostly family  in the wedding enhances the core values of what a marriage is all about, family.  Yes, I am proud of Bethany and her husband Adam!

  1. Make sure there is a reasonable plan for solid pre-marriage counseling. (Premarriage Counseling Class)
  2. Once reasonable options are researched set a budget and calendar that fits the couples'  priorities. (Clearly communicate with everyone costs/payment expectations.)
  3.  Be flexible but use  wisdom and consistency with the invitation list.
  4. Choose a wedding venue that matches the couple's interests and budget.
  5. Work your plan and enjoy the process.

Timber Lake's Current Wedding Application and Policy: 2009 Manual Wedding Policy Application

Back to destination weddings.  There are some significant options even near Moberly MO.

Keep in mind that it is much more important that you prepare yourself for the marriage relationship than it is the wedding ceremony.  A life of joy and fulfillment comes from the former, a few days of anticipation and excitement results from the later, and that only if  the marriage lasts!

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