My Philosophy of Ministry in Chaplaincy

what's your story?

I believe the best priorities for spiritual healing is finding our story in HIStory.  I am convinced as we share our story and see how God's stories in Scripture can relate to our's then healing can begin and peace becomes within reach. I assume God has created us as a community to learn from each other and that maturity often comes through suffering and loss. I believe our most Godly prayers may be listening rather than speaking and His love may be revealed through a ministry of presence rather than talking all the time.   His Word is best shared in the context of His Love and our needs are best understood in the context of His grace.  Asking heartfelt questions may be my best witness and givingan answer before I am asked the question is usually a mistake.


My Tools for Chaplaincy

What's your source?

Good Scriptures

  1. Supporting those suffering
  2. Supporting those sick
  3. Seeking confidence in Christ (Faith)
  4. Seeking victory (Strength)
  5. For those nearing death (Peace)
  6. The Eucharist
  7. Calling the Elders to Pray

Good Songs

  •  "A Mighty Fortress is Our God -  video
  • "It is Well with My Soul" - video
  • "In Christ Alone" - video
  • "Amazing Grace" - video
  • "My Hope is Built on Nothing Less..." video
  • An Online Hymnal

Legacy Video “On Graduating from this Life” 

Encourager's Prayer bookmark

When Does God Hear Our Prayers bookmark