Synergy = Family+Church: (an explanation)  

New Synergy Promo

    New Synergy Session to begin September 7, 2014   9 am service Rooms 402 & 403
    Synergy is a 12 week series of lessons that target individuals and families seeking to learn, discuss and network with others concerning the process of "passing the faith along."  For years it has been called "discipleship."  Our goal is for Timber Lake to equip parents and friends with tools that will help them pass their faith on to the next generation.  It isn't necessary that you attend all twelve sessions, but don't underestimate your ability to help another family learn what they need to know better disciple their family.   Video presentations, guests speakers, group discussions are all focused on what the Bible, contemporary research and real life family experience tells us regarding families helping each other to mature and learn how to "own their faith."

Two Classes that came from the Synergy Summer Series:

  1. Resolution for Men & Women:   (click HERE for the details of this study)
  2. Synergy Milestones Study: (click HERE for the details of this study) new session begins in the Fall

[email us if you are interested in attending either of these classes -]

In the summer of 2012 we introduced “milestones” of spiritual maturity.  A milestone is an age or level of maturity in our lives which can and should be celebrated with spiritual preparation and achievement. Our goal is to provide parents tools through which they can disciple their kids through these milestones into Christ.  The goal is that the family and the church are perceived as working together to create spiritual "Synergy!"

  1. Discipleship  (click to see our Pinterest page of resources)
  2. Early Years  (click to see our Pinterest page of resources)
  3. Teens  (click to see our Pinterest page of resources)
  4. Supporting Adulthood  (click to see our Pinterest page of resources)
  5. Legacy  (click to see our Pinterest page of resources)

Synergy = Family+Church: (new for 2013)

  • Family & CARE Group service projects:  As a follow up from the 2013 "Good News That Works theme we are encouraging CARE groups to periodically "Do Something!"   Get creative, get active, get committed! Take  your love for Jesus and others out of your normal circle and out of your comfort zone.  Do it prayerfully, do it thoughtfully, do it radically, but safely.  Check out these books at the Timber Lake Cafe' 

Service Project Idea Resources:

  1. TLCC Pinterest Page "Community Service Project Ideas"
  2. Big Book of Service Projects by Gospel Light
  3. The Busy Family's Guide to Volunteering: Jenny Friedman
  4. Family Friendly Volunteering
  5. Family Service Project Ideas

Video your family/CARE group working on the service project and edit it to one of the following songs and we may show it at one of the future Sunday services.

  1. Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline
  2. Heart to God, Hand to Man by Jeff Moore and the Distance
  3. Courageous by Casting Crowns

Synergy = Family+Church: (the birth of our plan in 2011)

In 2011 at our goal setting session for TLCC’s leadership we introduced the concept of the Church’s need for “collaborating” with families. In retrospect, a mistake of many of the churches in the 70’s and 80’s was for parents to assume the spiritual growth of their children could be delegated to the youth ministry.  Since then we have seen a parade of youth leaving the church during their transition to the adult years.  Young people categorized by Drew Dyck as “drifters” and “rebels” have no interest in returning to church. Somewhere between group meetings and youth rallies at church while watching their parents remain too busy to connect with them and model Christian discipleship  they have become cynical about Christianity.  Do not assume that you can accuse them of being “unspiritual.”   They are likely very spiritual, just not the way you define spirituality.

Since then we have begun introducing key spiritual principles that will help families grow in their understanding and abilities to disciple their children.  The family was created first, next government, then the church.  The Church program cannot rear children, reorder society nor rehabilitate criminals.  The gospel is the key for bringing order into chaos,  rehabilitation where there is dysfunction and new life out of despair. The church “program” may be a lighthouse from which it is taught.  But we the people, “The Church,” must model it to our families, friends and community.

This theme was also fueled by a study of this book: “You Lost Me” by David Kinnamen

The 2012 summer sermon themes came from Genesis in June “The Family’s Beginnings,” Ephesians in July “A New Testament Family Pattern,” and Proverbs in August, “Family Wisdom.”  You may get a copy of the booklet by stopping by the office.