Roaming Gnome

The Purpose: This page is to provide individuals that are interested in our Roaming Gnome fund raising plan with the necessary instructions for supporting a cause that is deemed important to our church.  Secondly, it’s to facilitate us having some fun while giving to God’s Kingdom work.

An Explanation with Instructions:

Have you seen him on the Travelocity commercials? The “Roaming Gnome” can show up just about anywhere!  Don’t get mystical on me.  We’re just having some fun and thinking about our summer priorities.  May 31st – June 28th you will likely see the “Roaming Gnome” at various places around TLCC and throughout Randolph County. He is a mascot for a three sermon series (5/31 – 6/14) and hopefully a fun reminder to help us raise money to support the Haiti Seminary’s 1st graduating class  We are purchasing the first round of seminary graduation gowns, caps, hoods, tassels and sashes for four professors and eight students. I hope our “Roaming Gnome” can raise these funds (about $700).

Here is how it works: 30 plastic yard signs with a picture of the “Roaming Gnome” will be printed and start out in the “Delp” and “Sevits” yards.  From there, watch out your’s may be next. Door hangers with the below rules will be placed where ever the signs are placed!

 The Roaming Gnome signs will start on May 24 and are to be returned to Timber Lake Church by June 28.  “Roaming Gnome” signs should always be accompanied by a couple of door hangers that have the instructions and put in anyone’s yard you wish.  If you remove a sign(s) from your yard you are challenged to give a donation to the Living Water Mission” P.O Box 795  Moberly MO 65270 “Caribbean Christian Bible College.”  The amount of any donation is at the giver’s discretion.

The Door Hanger instructions will read:  Congratulations! This Roaming Gnome is from Timber Lake Christian Church and was brought to you by ______________  (*person’s name placing the Gnome in the yard). I was glad to get the picture of this “Roaming Gnome” out of my yard and at the same time support such a worthy cause as the Caribbean Christian Bible Seminary. You may feel free to “Re-roamthe Gnome” by making a donation to Living Water Mission” P.O Box 795  Moberly MO 65270 “Caribbean Christian Bible Seminary while placing it in anybody else’s yard that you think would like to encourage our Haiti Brothers.  Be sure to get one of these door hangers form TLCC to leave on the door of theGnome’s new home. All Gnome signs should be returned to Timber Lake Christian Church by June 28th. More information may be found at


The Caribbean Christian Bible Seminary:

Eight of these students will be graduating this June 28th as the first class of this new Seminary founded by Living Water Christian Mission in Gonaives Haiti.





Sermon Series:

5/31 “Going Places!”  1 Sam. 9, 10, 16

6/7  “Battles Within & Without”  1 Sam. 11, 17

6/14  “Being Convicted vs. Having Convictions”  1 Sam. 15;  2 Sam. 11; Ps. 51



Sponsors: Look for the Gnome when you go to church each Sunday.  Bring the Gnome to the stage at the end of each service to have your name put in a jar and receive a gift certificate to some special summer event/store/or restaurant.

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