This page is to help new comers understand why, when and how we take Communion and remind T.L.C.C. “ol’ times” why it’s so important. Below you will also see some instruction regarding our shut-in Communion program. Bookmark this page on your ipad or smart phone as a resource tool for Communion Mediation.

The Scriptural Foundation

An inclusive list of Scriptures referring to Communion –  The Open Bible website

 Frequently Asked  Questions

  1. Why do we take communion every week?  Because the early church took it each “Lord’s Day” (Sunday)  and was regarded as one of the four “pillars” of the Church’s priorities.  An article by Mark Krause

  2. What are three priorities I might consider while taking the Lord’s Supper?  Remembering HimExamining your lifeConsidering “The Body” (your relationship with others in the church)
  3. Why should children that have not been baptized avoid taking Communion? The Lord’s Supper is the celebration of a covenant relationship established between a Christian and his/her Savior Jesus Christ.
  4. How can I help my child understand communion?  An article by Scott Allen, a children’s minister intern at a denominational church

Communion Meditation Concepts

  1. Jesus links the faith of the past to the sacredness of the present: – Mandy Smith
  2. Communion is refreshment time – well sorta:  – Dan Schantz
  3. A Jewish convert to Christ reminisces about the Passover Meal celebrated with his family and his new found understanding/faith in Christ. Mitch Glaser

An index of articles from the Christian Standard regarding the Lord’s Supper.

Shut-in Communion:

Instructions for those wanting to help with Shut-in Communion

  1. Volunteer Worker Application
  2. The plan and process of Shut-in Communion (Shut-in Communion)
  3. If you would like to receive Shut-in Communion contact the office at  or 660.263.4168