When I first came to the church where I serve the Elders and I agreed that it would be good to revisit the method with which we select our new leaders for the future.   I was quickly advised by a wise sage of ministry (Dr. Medford Jones) that my age of 33 years was a prime crucifying age!  To mess with a leadership selection process when you first move to a church is like scratching a mosquito bite while swimming with sharks. Well we made it fine!  I tweaked the plan with his advice.  The Elders chose 7 people from a cross section of three different schools of thought and asked them to research and propose the best elements of such a process into one plan.  I was the facilitator of the group, but the consensus of the group proposed a plan that with a few minor adjustments the Elders adopted and have executed ever since.  Now 20 years later the process has evolved to a concise and yet diverse plan.  It has produced in our church the most balanced and deepest set of Elders I have ever worked with.  Even those individuals that were Elders but have resigned that role remain committed and very busy in God's Kingdom.  They are no less spiritual, just busy elsewhere.

This is our procedure outlined: Leadership Development Policy and Procedures

For all leaders and candidates our Leadership Committee, Elders and myself developed this Bible study to become our point of reference to which all the questionnaires point for answers and support: Leadership Class 401 9-12-11

A Good Leader Looks Like...

Characteristics of a Godly Leader
Characteristics of a Godly Leader

Some people like to read and write, some like to sit and visit.  This proposal acknowledges and supports both personalities.

A common problem for growing churches and maintaining the unity is rooted in understanding everyone's perspective on central doctrinal issues.  Not everyone is always going to agree on every doctrine.  In order for a leadership to have a clear view of the different doctrinal perspectives and the level of convictions with which those perspectives are held we ask all Elder and Deacon candidates to review and be prepared to discuss the TLCC Doctrinal Affirmation document. TLCC Doctrinal Affirmation for Teachers

Obviously we tend to be more concerned about the level of convictions for the Elders since they are charged with the role of protecting the church from false doctrines.

Some have asked, "Who Determines the Essentials in the Local Congregation?  and "What Should I do if I Disagree?  - Eldership and the Essentials

All ministers, elders, deacons, ministry leaders, and teachers are required to fill out a Volunteer Application August 2014 (2) and undergo various levels of a background and security check.  This policy helps us support the safety of everyone attending our church as well as encourages church growth and safe ministry involvement of newer members.

New Leader Ordination SAMPLE SERVICE

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