bucks4bibles&bikes In 2012 I met 20 preachers that studied with me through 1&2 Timothy and Titus.  Our goal was to learn from the Apostle Paul things we should know, w should do, and what we should expect if we obeyed the Scriptures.  It became apparent that these incredibly busy men held jobs other than preaching and had very few Bible study resources to help them prepare their sermons.  I committed to try to get them the best study Bible I have ever had in their French language (cost is $90). Thus far 20 Bibles have been given and we anticipate needing 20 more by the fall of 2015.

Many of these preachers ride bicycles, walk or must travel by "tap-tap" to their multiple churches to preach.  Our goal is to raise 70% (=$700) toward the purchase of a new motorbike.  This leaves $300 for them and their congregations to raise for final purchase.

I'll keep you posted here about a future "poker run" in the states to raise funds for this project.

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You can help by sending any amount of money to:

N.E. Evangelism  P.O. Box 795 Moberly, MO 65270

Memo: #buck$4bibles&bikes

100% goes for Bibles & Bikes to Haitian preachers!

Haiti Trip #4  (October 2014)


  • Teach a class at the Seminary on Practical Preaching - Crafting Weddings, Funerals & Special Events
  • Investigate needs and project long term plans for the Seminary's growth
  • Introduce Good News Production's NOMaD concept.
  • Investigate opportunities to help ministers acquire necessary transportation with a motorcycle.
  • Confirm that ministers attending the monthly sermon prep meeting (Toli) have French translations of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible.
  • Further work on a city wide Stewardship sermon series from Luke.


  • Additional funding for Bibles and motorcycles.
  • Contact me (Doug Delp) at ddelptimberlakechristian.org for more information.

Haiti Trip #4

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Haiti Trip #3

Haiti January 2013 038

Haiti Trip #2

Salonique took Brian and I to visit with Dee and Wickley Dorce after the week long services at Gonaives.

Go here to see more: Living Water Mission

Go here to see more: Blessing Hearts International

We had a great visit with both missions.  May God bless their work!

Brian and I met with 31 preachers the week before the 9th Anniversary Service.  Brian taught on the "Theology of Worship" and I taught on "Stewardship in the Growing Church."  Look below for a description of what these preachers developed from our time together.  They are amazing preachers!

We had approximately 30 preachers attending the various 6 sessions.  (9hrs instruction)  These preachers lead or assist in leading churches that have 4,430 attendees. The last session we had they reviewed the 30 points of the Stewardship lesson and agreed that the below 4 were the most relevant and urgent for they their people to learn.  They did not have time to choose the general theme, so I am proposing the below concept for a Stewardship emphasis for their people.

Assignment Purpose: To provide preachers with a sermon series on Stewardship that they have generally speaking agreed are 4 of the most important topics their people need.  The reason for all churches uniting on the same 4 messages is to be able to print and deliver to Gonaives printed materials to emphasize their sermon series.

Series Theme:  "It's All God's!"

1 Chron 29:11 - "Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours."

1. (#1) "Money - It's a Test" - God knows your reaction to money is a test

of your spiritual condition."  Satan says - "What you do with money is none of God's business. [Luke 12:13-34]

2. (#5) "Love God - Use Money" - The Bible says, "We are to love God and use

money to glorify Him." Satan says - "love money and use God to get it." [Lk. 16:1-17; Eccl. 5:10; 1 Tim. 6:10]

3. (#16) "Priorities - Choose God!" - Bible says to "Make giving to God a priority!"  Satan helps you find reasons you can't give. [1 Kgs. 17:13-16; Gen. 28:20-22; Deut. 14:23]

#4 (#23) "Generous Hands - Grateful Hearts" God wants us to have generous hands and a grateful heart. Satan suggests we get all we can and give only with a grudging heart.  [2 Cor. 8:7; Pr. 11:24; 31:20; 28:27; 19:17; Ex. 35:4-5]

Over 3,000 attended the Anniversary Service

At last October's class they prayed for and I committed to raise money and find enough French Thompson Chain Reference Bibles so each preacher could have one to help them prepare sermons efficiently.  Since then an average of 17 preachers have met consistently the 3rd Saturday of the month for "Toley," a meal and study! They are meeting together in effort to collaborate and prepare ahead on sermons for their churches.   Thus far Salonique found 15 Thompson Chain References (Everyone of them we could find in Haiti) has been purchased.  We are looking for more and trying to raise another $700 to cover the cost.

Much is being done on the Medical Clinic and the White Mountain Church!  Pray for water at Living Water-White Mountain Church.

Medical Clinic February 2013

Medical Clinic summer 2012

Twenty preachers and I spent 5 days walking through 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus seeking answers to the questions: What did Paul tell us to teach, to do, and to expect to take place in our ministries.  Four groups wrote 12 sermons and committed to meet monthly to pray together, study together, and work toward relevant biblical sermons.  These men inspire me!  Salonique has a great group of men working with him to win Gonaives and the surrounding area!

A great opportunity has presented itself to the Living Water Ministry.  A friend of the ministry has decided to offer to other supporters a challenge to finish the school cafeteria and recruit new gifts for the operational funds.

  1. Anyone making a designation toward the cafeteria, above regular offerings, before Dec. 15th, up to $4,000 dollars, will be matched in order for the cafeteria to be completed.  It is estimated that $8,000 will complete the building project.
  2. Any  individuals, families, or churches giving funds above their regular giving to the mission before Dec. 15th, will be matched.  It is estimated that an additional $8,000 may raised for operational funds by the end of the year.

You may download a commitment card here: living water commitment card1

A similar simple commitment card here: linving water commitment card2

Send commitment cards and financial support to “Living Water Christian Mission” with a memo “matching gifts - cafeteria” or  - operations.”  Mail to: Northeast Evangelism 900 South Clark St. Moberly, MO 65270 USA.  Also, you may donate with Pay Pal at www.livingwater christianmission.org

Roy Miller spent at least a day finding parts and working on the Bobcat.  Another day and a half was spent leveling out the ground for the footprint of the transitional building for the church.  It became obvious to us that machinery we send to Living Water should accompany a supply of general maintenance supplies such as filters, tires and inner tubes.  Securing the proper sizes are very difficult.

The soil is very fertile with the water table only two feet below!   It can grow almost anything, really fast.  There are date trees that will become the courtyard at the entrance of the transitional church building.  Eventually it will be come the youth building when the 2,000 seat auditorium is completed.

Transitional Church site 2013 - Salonique and his leadership team can see it!  Can you?

Transitional Church 2015


Currently nearly 700 brothers and sisters meet in two services beginning at 6am on Sunday morning.  At the early service nearly 100 of them sit outside the building listening and participating with the sound system to assist them.

Just to the east of the transitional building the foundation for the medical clinic is well underway.

Less than two miles away is the property set aside for the Bible college. Currently 6 Living Water families share crop the property to provide oversight and protection of the property.  Fascinating trivia concerning this property is the story of the Carbass tree.

This tree produces a gourd-like pod that is used extensively for Voodoo ritual.  The irony is that this particular tree species is dying all over the island.  The pods used to be known for storing grain and water to keep them fresh.  But now they are regarded with fear because of Voodoo.  BUT - the tree is dying.  Salonique hopes to keep the tree alive on the same plot of land that will preserve the nation of Haiti by training a new generation of preachers and national leaders! If you are interested in a summary of history, political turmoil, and future needs you might consider this independent description of Haiti.  Salonique suggests that Christianity is aggressively growing in Haiti.

Brother Gareth Reese provided copies of his commentaries for a Preacher's Library at Living Water.  I took down a Thompson Chain Reference in French.  Salonique said we can get the same Bible in Port-au-Prince for half the price.  The Bible was regarded as such a great resource we committed to pray for 20 stateside volunteers that would be willing to buy a Bible for each of the preachers.  These men work full time jobs plus preach.  They struggle with having enough time to prepare sermons.  I am committed to help them find tools that well expedite their sermon preparation process.   Email me if you would like to provide one of these preachers with Thompson Chain Reference in their language! (ddelp@timberlakechristian.org)

A History of Revolution in Haiti  by Professor Corbetre

One of the very best, simple, balanced summaries to date. A downloadable resource 33 pages $15: "Spiritual Warfare: Identify and respond to spiritual attacks"

Spiritual Warfare book by Karl Payne

An interesting website that I am researching, not endorsing: Spiritual Warfare Matrix

Leadership Outlines: