good news that works logo Good News That Works is our (Timber Lake Christian Church) 2013 summer theme encompassing sermons topics, weekly CARE sheet studies & resources for families and small groups.  This theme and it’s resources are to promote consistent and periodic evangelistic service projects the year round once launched this summer.  The goal is to get outside of the building and take “The Church” to people that are in our community but outside of “our box.”

F.A.Q. Sheet: Good News & Community Service Sunday FAQ 5-25-13

Community Service Project Plan: Community Service Project Plan 5-17-13

Evangelism Priorities as a Senior MinisterEvangelistic Priorities as a Senior Minister Power Point - Evangelistic Priorities as a Senior Minister

Some Community Service Ideas:

  1. T.L.C.C. Pinterest board Community Service Ideas
  2. Ebook "Growing Deeper in our Church Communities"
  3. Families with Purpose
  4. Family Capers
  5. Volunteer Spot
  6. Doing Good Together: 101 Easy, Meaningful Service Projects for Families, Schools, and Communities
  7. Moberly Area Community Calendar

This summer’s theme will focus on the need for balance in focusing our preaching and teaching on the saving grace of the gospel and the anticipated results of justice and mercy toward our community. In other words, speaking out and living out "Good News That Works!"

It will be based on sermons from Leviticus (June); Micah, Nahum, Habbukuk (July); and Romans (August).  This series has been in part inspired by these contemporary books:

  1. Churches that Make a Difference by Ronald J. Sider
  2. Every Good Endeavor: Connecting your work to God's work  by Tim Keller
  3. Deep Justice in a Broken World by Chap Clark & Kara Powell
  4. Missional Small Groups: Becoming a Community That Makes a Difference in the World by Scott Boren
  5. The Compassion Revolution by Dave Donaldson
  6. Minister to Others by Richard Leah & David A. Wheeler

Understand the old debate:    The Social Gospel of the Churches of Christ by Mike Willis

Conservative view, a "Saving Gospel" -  The contributions made by Christianity to the working efficiency and the constructive social abilities of humanity in the past have been mainly indirect. The main aim set before Christians was to save souls from eternal woe, to have communion with God now and hereafter, and to live God-fearing lives. It was individualistic religion, concentrated on the life to come. Its social effectiveness was largely a by-product. Seek to help the victims of social maladjustments as individual cases, especially through the development of the relief programs of city mission societies, the founding of rescue missions where homeless men could be fed and cared for, and the shaping of extensive parish programs in which the poor and unfortunate could be aided . . . .

Tension builds - The social gospel was developed by those who felt that such remedial measures were simply not enough. For the most part the proponents of the social gospel came from the ranks of the evangelical liberals, and they challenged the individualistic `clerical laissez-faire’ perspective by emphasizing the social concerns they found in the prophets of the Old Testament and in the Savior of the New Testament,

Liberal view,  a "Social Gospel" - Christianity would have had a more potent impact on the life of man if it had been active in trying to establish an ideal social order, i.e., to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. Hence, he (Walter Rauschenbusch) stated that the church should have been involved in shaping the workings of industry and trade. What the world of Christian men and women needs is to have a great social objective set before them and laid on their conscience with the authority of religion. Then religion would get behind social evolution in earnest.  The kingdom of God on earth, according to these people, was not the restoration of the New Testament church; rather, it was the removal of all the problems of earth-life in order to make this earth a heaven-on-earth.

Some Good Resources:

  1. Our summer graphic and theme summary - Good News that Works draft
  2. The History of the Salvation Army
  3. The Year 1932 -  A People History
  4. Lunch Break Photo
  5. Faith & Work
  6. Website page of Cultural Formation and Social Justice resources from a Christian perspective.
  7. "50 ideas for Connection in a Disconnected Age" [Kindle Edition] - 
  8. Facebook page "Christian and Church Outreachfor resource and colaboration of service outreach ideas:
  9. An OSHA public safety check list for organization volunteering at a disaster.
  10. The Book: Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren and his website: "Servant Evangelism"

Synergy = Family+Church: (new for 2013)

  • Family & CARE Group service projects:  This spring we will challenge CARE Groups to take a couple of weeks to “Do Something!”   Get creative, get active, get committed! Take  your love for Jesus and others out of your normal circle and out of your comfort zone.  Do it prayerfully, do it thoughtfully, do it radically, but safely.  Check out these books at the Timber Lake Cafe’
  1. Big Book of Service Projects by Gospel Light
  2. The Busy Family’s Guide to Volunteering: Jenny Friedman
  • Service Project Idea Resources:
  1.  Family Friendly Volunteering
  2. -  Family Service Project Ideas
  3. -  Community Service Project

Video your family/CARE group working on the service project and edit it to one of the following songs and we may show it at one of this Summer’s Sunday services.

  1. Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline
  2. Hear to God, Hand to Man by Jeff Moore and the Distance
  3. Courageous by Casting Crowns

Stay tuned for more information!