Funerals & Memorials

Scriptures for those approaching death – Scriptures for those near death (1)

The purpose of this page is to help loved ones plan for a meaningful memorial/funeral.    Some people want to plan this privately and seal it up to be opened after their death.  Others like to talk about this with their families.  Either option works.  I encourage a balance between both extremes.  Our loved one’s wishes deserve to be honored, but also the grieving process can be encouraged in the process of helping to formulate the memorial services.

The purpose of a funeral/memorial is to bring the family and friends of a loved one to look through mortality to eternity and to word some “take-aways” from our loved one’s life and death.   It is here that many people begin new chapters in life, not just close old ones.  It is here at services such as these that the eternal can bring clarity to the temporal things in life and healing for families can begin.

It is good to begin planning such a service before your loved ones pass.

Here are some key questions I use to help me prepare for the memorial/funeral of a loved one:

  1. Do you recall any particularly special Scriptures, hymns or music your loved one  enjoyed?
  2. What are some of the more meaningful memories your family has of your loved one?  You may email them to me at
  3. What three words would you and others use to describe ________? (Several perspectives are welcome)
  4.  Based upon ___________’s hobbies, life goals, and career choice(s) what key life principles, concepts, things would you and your family suggest meant most to your loved?
  5. Do you have some favorite pictures you would be willing to share with me?
  6. Did ____________ have a Bible that they used? And if so, may I use it while I prepare for the service?  If there are any bulletins, poems, or pieces of paper stuck in it I will be careful to return them and the Bible at the service.
  7. Do you anticipate any other family, friends, or ministers wanting to participate in the service?
  8. How much family will be traveling in? Where will they be spending most of their time while in town?
  9. Is there an organization planning to host a dinner or bring food into your home?
  10. What is the best phone number and email address to contact family for other information that may be needed?

Here are some key questions that need to be considered:

  1. Who do I want to help with my services?
  2. What type of services do I want utilized?  Embalming? or Cremation?  In a church, at a funeral home? Or maybe outdoors somewhere?
  3. What does the Bible say about Cremation?
    1. Is Cremation Christian (A positive answer with Biblical foundation)Article – Cremation 3
    2. IS CREMATION CHRISTIAN (a negative answer with questions to consider)
    3. A video on Cremation: Ashes to Ashes
    4. A National Geographic video on embalming: The Embalming Process
  4. How much does the average funeral cost?
  5. Memorial form:  memorial service information


Back in 1984 Kristi and I married and lived out in the country 1 mile away from the Old Riverview Bible Church.  Years prior it had been a single room school where her Father Buzz had gone to school.  Frequently we would walk to the old church, whose doors were never locked, go inside, Kristi would play the piano and we would sing “It is Well.”   Good memories!  Then in 2009 I lost my Dad to a massive stroke.  Since then it has become my passion for ministry to help people to not fear death. No song says it best.

It is Well with My Soul

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