6/28 Aging Gracefully

Grandpa once told me "Getting old ain't for sissies!"  It's not just the physical and emotional changes that take place.  I am pondering the spiritual changes too!  Paul told Titus to "Teach the older men to exercise self-control, to be worthy of respect, and to live wisely. They must have sound faith and be filled with love and patience."

It seems to me that the older us guys get the more we tend to lean one direction or the other. Toward God's goodness or our "badness" to accomplish our heart's passions.  It seems much easier to rely on our character weaknesses like selfishness, manipulation, passive aggressive, victimization or whining than to recognize our weaknesses and run to God.  Where else do the common terms like "Old Cogger", "Old Geezer", "Old Grouch" come from? 

If I'm going to be "worthy of respect" I will have to capitalize on my faith that God covers my weaknesses and calls me way from them. I must constantly remind myself that He will persistently walk me toward my strengths if I will follow Him. I must be FILLED (yes caps) FILLED with love , patience and self control.  Otherwise I will begin to live life feeling entitled, selfish and "grouchy".   Thanks Grandpa you were a great example and fondly remembered by your Grandsons and Greatgrandchildren.  

Aging gracefully... not easy.  It ain't for sissies, but I am reminded that Ruby deserves the best!


My take away is this... The older I get the easier it is to rely on deeply hidden character flaws to accomplish my plans, spiritual or not.  I must maintain "alone time in the cave with God listening to the still small voice" in order for me to keep my head and heart on straight.  If our wives, children, grandchildren can't see it in us they will look elsewhere!