5/28 "The Devil"

  • THIS WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS    May 22-28, John 8:42-59
  • NEXT WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS  May 29 - June 4,  John 9:1-17;  - Eph. 1-2, 

SERMON IN A NUTSHELL: It’s too easy to be familiar with talking points about the history that we choose to remember ("Father Abraham") and then choose our loyalties based upon our self-centered perspectives rather than the truth.  It's fine to memorialize our loved ones, but be careful not to idolize them. The bottom line is that we either line up with Jesus or we don’t.  Those who believe in Jesus line up with Truth, those who don't scoff at those who tell the truth and then line up with the Devil!

TEXT: John 8:31-59


  • Dangers of being Mesmerized by Memories
  • A tendency to categorize, scrutinize and minimize with my perspective in the center.
  • A tendency to choose who’s in and who’s out by where I am.
  • A tendency to demonize those that are “out”.
  • A tendency to not listen to those that are “in”.

Pre- Sermon Reflection:

  1. What's the difference between the Pharisees saying Jesus "has a demon" and Jesus saying "you are of your father the Devil"?

Post- Sermon Reactions:  

  1. Identify 2 or 3 individuals you typically think a lot about on Memorial Day.  
  2. What are some things that make them special?  
  3. What are some lessons you can learn from  them, both as good examples and as bad?                                                      

Prepare for Next Week:

  1. What are a couple of "no-negotiation" core values upon which you seek to build your family?