1/8 "Come and See!"


THIS WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS   Jan. 1 - 7,  John 1:1-25

NEXT WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS  Jan. 8 - 15,   John 1:26-51,

(Thanks Justin Morgret for "lending us a hand"!)

TEXT: John 1:26-51; Gen. 28:10-17; Gen. 32:22-28; John 14:12; Col. 1:27

IN A NUTSHELL: Jesus’ life and ministry isn’t just about philosophy or doctrines.  He wants to engage us in real life, challenge us with real evidence, and amaze us with His eternal purpose.   Don’t just ask questions, but come along, take a look, “come and see!” (Jesus seeing telling Nathaniel he saw him under the tree was a “MAJOR” issue for Nathaniel’s faith – the context of this story is fun & very significant).


  1.  What is the "hope of glory", the "greater things than these", symbolized by Jacob's dream of angels ascending and descending from heaven?  Col. 1:27John 14:12Gen. 28:10-17; Rev. 21:1-4
  2. What was the meaning of Jacob's name? Israel's name? Nathaniel's name? 
  3. What was Nathaniel's reaction when he was told about Jesus? Jn. 1:46
  4. What was Nathaniel's reaction when Jesus noted he was a man with no guile? John 1:47-51
  5. How did Jesus and Philip respond to the other disciples inquiries? Jn. 1:39,46


  1.  Do you have a particular Bible character that you have studied and wondered how he could have gotten God's blessing, but you feel that you can't?
  2.  How is "Come and See" different from "Come, listen and contemplate"?
  3.   Think about the last time you were siting somewhere struggling to understand something, contemplating God's purpose in your life... where was that? Do you realize Jesus saw you there and knew your thoughts?  What do you think he might have said to build faith in your life?
  4. While many people fall in fear, in the presence of an angel of God, why do you think Jacob wrestled him and refused to let go until He had blessed him?
  5. Which seems more important to you today, to enjoy the things God has blessed us with, or to be blessed with His presence & participation with His purpose?
  • Objective: To ask the worshipper to assess their faith. Is our faith a system of beliefs, just longing for a blessing? Or is our faith a purposeful relationship, seeking answers, longing for hope, anticipating a Messiah?
  • Outcomes the worshipper should be challenged to realize that God sees us searching, hears our heart’s longings, and wants to show us more!  AND we should inspire others to do the same.


  1. Jesus invitation was “come and see”, not “come and learn”.
  2. Jesus message was “go and live”, not “go and contemplate”.
  3. Is your faith a system of beliefs or a longing for hope, seeking answers and building a relationship?
  4. Is your search for truth based on Scripture and influencing your daily routine?
  5. If Jesus told you He “saw you when you were contemplating major spiritual questions”, how would He have described that place?
  6. If you believe… you will see things greater than these!