1/22 “Zeal for His House”


THIS WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS  Jan. 16 - 22,  John 2:13-25,

NEXT WEEK’S BIBLE READINGS  Jan. 23 - 29,   John 3:1-18,

TEXT: John 2:13-25,

IN A NUTSHELL: John 2 is all about conversion and cleansing. Last week, Doug talked about Jesus’ first miracle, the conversion of water into wine. Now, the last half of chapter 2 is about cleansing. Jesus is not concerned with ritual and routine. The zeal that Jesus had that caused Him to drive out the moneychangers is the same jealous love that He has for us today. He wants to drive out all of the other loves, desires and agendas that keep us from being a clean temple in which He can dwell.


  1. What made Jesus upset when He came into the temple’s outer court?

  2. What was the significance of the outer court, and why shouldn’t it be used to serve the practical purposes of the sacrificial system?

  3. What issue did the Jews raise after Jesus drove out the moneychangers and animals from the temple?

  4. In John 2:17, we find a quotation from Psalm 69: “zeal for your house will consume me.” What’s the significance of the quote, and how is it relevant to our worship today?

  5. Why was Jesus asked for “a sign,” and what was His response when asked?

  6. What was Jesus talking about when he spoke of the temple being destroyed and raised again in three days?

  7. In verses 23-24, why did Jesus not “entrust Himself” to those who believed as a result of seeing the signs?


  1. In what ways do you need to allow Jesus to “clean house?”

  2. What characteristics or attributes of Christ are displayed in today’s text, and in what ways should those be reflected in our own lives?

  3. The text implies that faith should not be based on what signs or miracles we have seen with our eyes. So what is the basis of your faith?

Objective:  To expose how the cleansing of the temple is a display of Christ’s jealous, passionate desire for genuine worship. To emphasize how the account of the cleansing of the temple displays Christ’s diety, authority and omniscience.

Outcomes: The worshipers will understand the significance of the first time Christ “cleaned house” at the temple and be challenged to allow Him to do the same in our own hearts and lives.


  • BIG IDEA:  Jesus turns ___________ ________ what needs to be changed from the ______________ ___________ .
  • KEY QUESTION: How do we need to allow God to “_________ __________” in our lives?
  • Jesus is in the business of ____________ us from anything that __________ or _____________ us from ____________.
  • Jesus _________ to make _________ a ____________ where the Living God can ___________.