2/14 MOSAIC, "Marriage- Man's View or God's View




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This Week’s Bible Readings  Feb. 8 - 14, Matt. 19-21

  • Where’s your space to read?
  • What’s your time to study?
  • What are the key words?
  • What was God saying to them?  What’s God saying to you?
  • What’s the Holy Spirit going to show throughout the day?
  • For what are you grateful?
  • For what are you concerned?
  • Who needs you today?

Next Week’s Bible Readings  Feb. 15 - 21, Matt. 22-25

Texts:   Matt. 19:3-12Gen. 1:27-28; 2:21-25Eph. 5:23,24,32; Hos. 2:19,20; Heb. 13:4; Rev. 19:7-9

IN A NUTSHELL Did the “family” evolve or did it have a designer?  Who wrote the rules?  What happens if someone breaks the rules? How does it’s design relate to our relationship with God?    

 ICE BREAKER   If there were no concept of family...how would your life be different? Think hard, every aspect of life… how would it be different?


1. Does the Bible seem to be conclusive that the family, a monogamous husband and wife, having children, was instituted intentionally, at the outset of creation, and for a purpose?

2. What was it that created the need for Moses to authorize a bill of divorce”?

3. What is the cosmic picture illustrated by the earthly relationship of a man and a woman?


1. Who is your favorite “model” for having a good marriage?  Have you told them lately what that means to you?

3. Who has God put in your path that you might be able to mentor?

4. Does your marriage look more like something God has purposely designed or more like something that is just coasting/evolvoing?


1. What relationships in your life are just “evolving” from some random actions of self-promotion or self-preservation?


1. If God is the designer and he has a cosmic reason for Man and Woman to be together, then what does that say about other formats the world wants to call "family"?

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