1/31 MOSAIC: Blessed Are Your Eyes

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Sunday’s play list via YouTube

This Week’s Bible Readings  Jan. 25 – Jan. 31  , Matt. 13-14

  • Where’s your space to read?
  • What’s your time to study?
  • What are the key words?
  • What was God saying to them?  What’s God saying to you?
  • What’s the Holy Spirit going to show throughout the day?
  • For what are you grateful?
  • For what are you concerned?
  • Who needs you today?

Next Week’s Bible Readings Feb. 1 – 7,  Matt. 15-18

Title: “MOSAIC: Blessed Are Your Eyes – looking at the world through the eyes of a story teller.”

Text:  Matthew 13

IN A NUTSHELL   Jesus used stories to explain to those that would listen to some of the key truths about a Kingdom view of this world.  There is evil, there are opinions about the value of these stories, but we all have free-will to establish personal opinions about those stories.

ICE BREAKER   What is a favorite story you remember one of your parents or grandparents telling you? Was there a moral to the story?


  1. If you were forced to narrow each parable to ONE most dominant point, what would it be?
  • Parable of the Sower
  • Parable of the weeds
  • Mustard Seed and the Leaven
  • Hidden Treasure
  • Pearl of Great Value
  • The Net


  1. Judging by the time, money, and effort you have spent over the past year what would say you “value” most with your life?
  2. If you valued “the Kingdom” more what might that look like?


  1. List the worldview topics found in these parables.


  1. Looking at all the parables—how is the biblical worldview different from other world views.

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